I hate it when I don't put a title

Okay, solved that one.

Today’s absolutely beautiful (until 10 minutes ago) weather was the setting for a 5 mile run through Knoxville’s downtown area. My Back to The Tracks (and I know that) 5 mile course, is merely an extension of the ever popular Market Square Fab Four (miler) course, which is going to be featured in an upcoming podcast episode. Yes, I said “upcoming” in reference to my podcast. I will wait for you to pick yourself off the floor…


Either tomorrow or Thursday, Episode 009, MSQ Fab4 will be on your podcatcher shelves for your listening pleasure. Here me hack and wheeze as I try to describe the scene around me. But be warned, I am no Adam Tinkoff (Burning 20) when it comes to describing the Sights, Sounds, and overall enthusiasm of the environment around me.

But back to the run… It was a great run, despite the temperature being 15 degrees warmer than yesterday, I nailed the pace the first three miles. I averaged an 8:10 pace for them, but paid for it the 4th mile, when I had to walk in a few spots to regain composure. The last mile I was able to dig and get some energy to bring the 5th mile back in 8:31, a whole minute faster than mile 4.

I’ll definitely need to take Wednesday as a rest day, although I already know that Thursday will hold no (lunchtime) workout for me. Perhaps, I can get something done in the evening.

I worked on the taxes a little bit last night. We use a CPA to do them for us, but we need to prepare the information for them. Jen’s parents have a partnership for all the family members, so we have to wait for the K-1 form to arrive and so, we just send all the paperwork to them. Some things are better left to the professionals and I don’t mind spending a little bit of cash to take the stress off of me.

My P&S Camera failed me today at lunchtime when I was going to take my 365Days pictures… cursed batteries!


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0 Responses to I hate it when I don't put a title

  1. Marianna says:

    If I had anything complicated on my taxes, I’d for sure use a CPA. But since it’s just me & nothing fancy, I do them on turbotax.com. Easy peasy!


  2. sam says:

    We’re turbo taxers too…or I should say Andy is. You don’t want me near numbers, especially in relation to our finances!

    More podcasts…yay!

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