All About Calhouns

The race that I am running this Saturday is the 16th Annual Calhoun’s Ten Miler located in Lenoir City, TN. So here is a little bit about the Calhoun’s Race:

Major Sponsor: Calhoun’s (
Calhoun’s is a small chain of restaurants here in East Tennessee known for their ribs and home crafted beer. If there ever is a place that you take visitors, Calhoun’s is one of the top two restaurants. In addition to having fabulous food they also have an on site microbrewery at two of the restaurants in the family chain. The brewmeister for these beverages is non other than Runner Extraordinaire Marty Velas. You will find Marty’s name in more than one location among my blog entries. In fact, last year we ran Calhouns for most of the race.

Race Facts:
Calhoun’s is the first of 4 races in the Long Distance Series sponsored by the Knoxville Track Club. Completion of running 3 of the races and volunteering at 1 qualifies you for an extra special award and at a chance for LDS awards. Last year’s LDS memento was a embroidered windbreaker.

The race starts and finishes in the parking lot of the Calhoun’s restaurant near the Tellico Dam on the Tennessee River. A Map to the race course can be found here ( USATF CERTIFICATION #TN 95004 RH

Bill Kabasenche set the course in 2006 with a time of 52:19.
Tere Stouffer set the course in 2006 with a time of 1:00:37

Number of Finishers:
1998 (167); 1999 (139); 2000 (187); 2001 (199); 2002 (272); 2003 (185); 2004 (243); 2005 (212); 2006 (326).

Terry’s Race Facts:
I have run the race 4 times:
2000 1:34:40
2004 1:49:47
2006 1:26:08 (Official PR time for 10 miles, although I have a faster uncertified PR time from Chickamauga 2005) Link to my 2006 Race Report (

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