The Merriment of the Day after Christmas

I hope that everyone had a great day. Everything in the P3 universe went just fine… no broken bones, full tummies, and just a couple of fights over the new toys. But what do you expect…

Pictures may or may not be coming up and I do have a You Tubesday video but it’s not ready yet. It won’t be for the squeamish either… MUHAHAHAHA
No running since Thursday (I’m not quite depressed yet)… just sleeping… and shopping… and editing websites until 4am (twice). Tomorrow we’re going to get the kids pictures taken for our Christmas/Holiday/Winter Card. Should be fun… I’ll be scoping out the camera that their using.

Hey MyCokeRewards players! I got this great email from Coke where I can DOUBLE your investment! That’s right 100% return on those 15digit codes on your specially marked packages of Coca-Cola products. If you have NO idea of what I am talking about and have at least… one maybe two ounces of curiosity, here is my last plea beg request for MyCokeReward points. (I’m now at 406 points)

You can get Double Points from holiday fridge packs and 20 oz bottle caps when you enter your codes on Wednesday, December 28th.**

What I don’t get is that Wednesday is the 27th and the 28th is Thursday, thus I the event is somewhere in the space-time continuum and will have to travel at Warp 9.999 around the sun to get there…


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0 Responses to The Merriment of the Day after Christmas

  1. Marianna says:

    Oh God… you’re not gonna show us open wounds, are ya?!

    I’ll see if I can find any more Reward Points for ya!


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