Welcome to 2000 BC

Out of everything I did last Saturday, this was worth some merit.

The scene, Jen was having two facials at the house starting at 2:30pm, so I was going to take the kids out and abound for some holiday fun. So, right after lunch, I start gathering everything that I will need to be out and also be ready for any emergency that might arise. Okay, not all emergencies… just a bathroom emergency.

I have a small bag specifically for this (of course) and so it was loaded, drinks were loaded (but hidden), had snacks and a few toys. I even tried to get Eric to watch a different DVD, but he must watch the video with “Boo Boo Choo Choo” song… over and over and over again. It is his favorite and he loves the one with Thomas and the Jet Engine.

So at about 2:15pm, I let the kids know that we are going out in the van and got their environment conditioning suits, just clothes… and they were playing around in the van. I can hear the hazard flashes going on and off, the doors locking, Ryan laughing, and all kids of other stuff. Next, I proceed to take everything I will need to the van.

I get Ryan buckled in and then Eric. I close the van door and go into get an envelope to mail Stacie’s treats. When I come back I open the door to get in and nothing happens…

Oh crap, the kids are in the van, it’s locked and both are in their carseats.

Slight panic attack… okay, we have spare keys to the minivan don’t we? I think so… let me go check.

When I went inside, I relayed my predicament to Jen. “Guess what? The kids are locked in the van.”

“Eric can unlock the door, but you have to be quick because he clicks it too fast”

“Well, he’s in his carseat…” I added.

“We have talked about this before…,”She started. “We Have?” I interrupted. “Yes, we have, I never leave… [edited]”

OKay, so I find the spare keys, a normal key, a valet key and the clicker-thingy. So, I push the open button… nothing.

“Oh [edited],”I thought, “I am going to have to go and get a new battery and have the kids wait in the van for like an hour or so…”

So, I take the battery out and see it’s a CR2025, I check the Grand Prix spare keys and the clicker battery is a CR 2032 and so that won’t work. I’ll definitely have to go out now, oh great, this is going to mess Jen’s stuff up and I am in hot water.

Then, what you all have been thinking FINALLY donned on me… (see the light bulb illuminating above my head) I have the actual keys… the piece of metal that when inserted into the keyhole will unlock the van.

All I can is that sometimes the answer is right in front of you the entire time, but your thought process can make all the difference…

Of course, since I am so not street smurt and more book smart, I had to find out about the history of key/lock mechanisms… you can entertain yourself, at your own discretion by following this link.


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0 Responses to Welcome to 2000 BC

  1. Junior Johnson says:

    This just goes to show you learn something new everyday….glad it all worked out!

  2. That is too funny. It’s like trying to change the channel on the TV without the remote (remember when we were kids we WERE the remote for our parents).

    Glad it worked out ok!

  3. Susan says:

    HA! I would have done the exact same thing…

  4. Marianna says:

    Oh geez, P3!


  5. LOl Don’t you just hate when something like that happens?

  6. Despite only having my car remote for a year, I’m sure by the time the battery dies I will do the exact same thing… *sigh*

  7. DPeach says:

    I would be embarrassed to say I have done similar things. Therefore, No Comment!

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