Stocked Up

For those who have been reading this blog for a while know that there was a stretch of 2-3 months that I would forget very important articles when going to work out lunch. It was not uncommon for me to forget socks, underwear and towels. It was like anticipating a train wreck on what I would forget next. So let me present you with this List:

Things I Needed in my workout bag today

  • Shampoo/Body wash
  • Towel
  • Bandaids

Not too bad. Right?

I mean, I’m a guy, so the shampoo/body wash is really optional… come on. Towel… luckily for me, I knew that I didn’t have a full-sized towel with me before I left my office. So, I brought 3 hand towels that I keep around as spares. The most important thing was bandaids.

The Bandaids are used to protect me from chafing in today’s weather.

Yes, oh do I? Yeah, it is a bit nipply out. I mean nippy. What am I saying, nipple? -Clark W. Griswold

I was worried that I would not be protected from the weather and would end up with bloody (or at least raw) nipples… very painful. I had a technical (Coolmax type) shirt and so I put my faith in the fact that it would do it’s job and not leave me an invalid.

This’ll be the last workout from UT for this year, so I wanted to do something special, but had no idea what to do. I thought that I would do a little exploring and hopefully get to the 5 mile mark for the run.

My Route is HERE, if you are interested.

I took off my normal Market Square Fab 4 route, but instead of going up the hill, I went to the other side of library. Then cutting around campus, I have two easy ways to cross Cumberland (the main street that bisects campus and very busy), one is the bridge that I take during my Fab 4 route, the other is the 11th Street garage bridge. There’s actually one more that I could use a little but didn’t want to take it.

I crossed over to the entrance of World’s Fair park, which I usually pass up and head right into downtown. But today, I swung down and around and cruised through world’s Fair Park. I mean, it is a historical part of Knoxville.

When I ran the Knoxville Marathon this Spring, I learned a few new side streets from the course. So, I took one of these new route and came out near the Old City. I cut across Gay Street and into the Old City, then headed back up to Market Square. At this point I hopped back onto my Fab 4 course. This would allow me to measure my pace en route and not later. My mile split, in the middle of the run was a 8:27, yeah… about what I expected.

I headed toward the other bridge that I normally take and instead of following my normal route back, I took a hard right and took a new path. This path seems to be right about the same distance as my normal route, which is nice to know.

I ended up with 4.57 miles in 39:07 min which averages out to a 8:34 minute pace.

Thank you Greg for reminding me…

Crap, I wrote the ending in my brain, not in the blog entry…

The run ended with all pieces and parts of my nipples chaffing free -YAY!!

But I do need to go buy more bandages…


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0 Responses to Stocked Up

  1. Yeah, but what about the nipples? Did they survive?

  2. planet3rry says:

    [quote comment=”944″]Yeah, but what about the nipples? Did they survive?[/quote]

    Crap, I wrote the ending in my brain, not in the blog entry…

    The run ended with chafing free nipples!

  3. Leesa says:

    Ok, nipple chaffing sounds awfully painful. Thanks for that image 😉

  4. Pam says:

    But what I don’t understand is why they would be chaffed? What causes this to happen? I have never heard anyone else having this…how weird P3…I mean…not that you are weird…well, you are weird but that’s not what I mean. Oh, wait. Yes it is.


  5. Marianna says:

    Yeah, no kidding. Thanks for the mental image! LOL

    Glad you’re nips are chaffed free!


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