Monkeys Run the Show

So I commented over at Pam’s site on her “I Do A Little Showing Off”


what great cookies… makes my PB clone trees look like monkeys made them.

(hey, I heard that!)

Then, I get this comment on the “Winner” post:

Congrats to Stacie…

Pics…judging must be done if you are going to make comments like those over at my place!!!

Since a little Self-deprecating is not beyond me when it comes to the amusement of others (a little in moderation can be a good thing…), I present you the evidence that my Christmas Creations pale, like a redhead in the dead of winter, living in a cave, to the all-mighty (coincidentally a redhead) Pam the Super Incredible (I could make serious Moolah doing this) Baker.

Exhibit A:



Just LOOK at them, so pretty and colorful… The edges so clean, look at the detail, Snowman has a tie better than what I can do in real life; The heart has very fancy schmancy doodlings that are artistic; and the polar bear, soooo cute.

okay, you ready… and I will let you know it’s okay to laugh and you can laugh out loud (LOL – for those younger than, oh say, 24). So, you be the judge if you are happy that you are not Stacie, the winner of these treats.

Exhibit B:


It’s no Kitty Litter cake or anything…

and to see the Monkey’s work up close:


Peanut Butter Trees

So there you go… judge!

Stacie… bet your happy now, huh! 🙂


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0 Responses to Monkeys Run the Show

  1. DPeach says:

    Wow! Those look pretty bad Terry. Not that mine would look better, but seeing yours up next to hers makes me think you should not quit your day job. I bet they taste good though.

  2. piglet says:

    OMG DUDE – they look like cow pies! Don’t be offended, but I’m so grateful I didn’t win your contest! Thank God for Reese’s Peanut Butter Bells!

  3. Pam says:


    But chocolate is chocolate…I bet your’s taste a whole lot better than mine!!
    You are killing me here…I’m supposed to be in bed and yet I’m sitting here hunched over the computer trying not to laugh too loud.


    They do look like cowpies….oh, stop the monkey…before it’s too late.

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