Wrap It Up and Ship Out

We had to go to the best breakfast place on the island on the island, ddw. It provided a good location because we might have to go to the Power Company to get their phone, plus we were close to the Post Office AND we were near the Government Building.

The French Toast was awesome as usual. I called the Power company and to no surprise they did not have their form ready. There was a major shakedown in the offices of the Power Authority and so once the dust settled, there were new people in new position. Regardless, they PROMISED that would mail their form to me in Knoxville. So, it was off to the Post Office.

I had 3 packages to mail. The cheapest one was a Flat Rate Box, but it wasn’t the Long Box. It was the 8.5×11 box, so it just fit normal paper. Unfortunately, I had papers that were longer than 8.5×11. So, I used the trusty-rusty tyvek envelopes and that did the job, however, the cost was just over $14. Next was the granddaddy package… the printer. We had bought a printer to print out our to-do list from the database… incredibly handy and a big timesaver. Wrapped up in non-descript brown paper, it was only $27 and change. I sure thought the printer alone was going to be $50… but nope, everything went Priority (to get on the plane) and was $50something.

Government called, please give them another hour for the form to be ready. Okay… sure. So I went to the store where I had left my credit card. They had dropped it off at the hotel just minutes after we left for breakfast…*SIGHHHHHhhh. Well, I knew it was safe, so it was fine. I went next door to get me some Crocs shoes. I had wanted something comfortable for the plane, and since I knew how comfortable (Cheap imitations of) the shoes were, I thought let’s DO IT. The bonus is that the “real” Crocs don’t make my feet sweat! YAY!

So, off to the hotel to get my credit card. After getting the open door to my financial debt, I played on the computer for about an hour before I headed downtown to the Government Building. The government form was ready, YAY! More errands, though, I had one more form to go get and then I wanted to stop off and get Jen’s gift. Done and Done.

Next, I dropped off the car and the rental phone and so that made the finality of the trip much more real. No car, no phone. Just a plane to catch, but still hours away. Do I need to say that I was on the computer from the time I got back to the hotel until dinner? No? Good.

After dinner, we chatted with the hotel personnel and she was telling us that people line up at 6pm to check in. Well, seeing that it was 7:30, that create fear and panic in the rest of the team. So, we decided that we would meet back down there at 7:50 so that we could get in line. We got in line at the airport at 8pm. At 9:30, I had my boarding pass. Next I had to go to Immigration and have my boarding pass stamped. Then I waited in Security. Getting through security was not a problem and in face one of the TSA agents saw all my chocolate and tipped me off that there was Cadbury in the Duty Free shop. SAH-WEET-TAH.

So, at 10:15 we sat down in the transit lounge. Sometime around 11:30 we heard a low rumble and sure enough some strange lights were moving on the runway. upon closer inspection, it was the Hawaiian Aircraft to take us part of the way home. At Midnight they started boarding…

Moving around like the cattle that we were, we boarded the plane and took our seats. At 12:25am, our plane lifted off the ground. Yeah, I wasn’t counting minutes… nope. Not at all. Once airborn, I started reading my book, 1776. I didn’t get very far until I was tired and closed the book and my eyes.

I woke up about an hour later when they were giving out sandwiches. Turkey (to make us sleep) Croissant Sandwiches, Lays potato chips and an Oreo 2pack. I think I started watching (but with the $5 audio) of The Devil Wears Prada with Glenn Close and the chick from The Princess Diaries. It’s also supposed to feature my new fave Top 40 song, well it’s not new… it’s actually over a year old in Britain but it was catchy and I am going to put it in my Running Set… it’s Suddenly I See by KT Tunsell. If you watched “So You Think You Can Dance” it was the song that they played for the girls when they left.

But it must have not been that enthralling without audio because I fell back asleep only to wake up when they started to do the Custom Forms. It was about 5am Samoan Time (6am Hawaiian) and I probably got about 3-4 hours of sleep. Now, to go get my luggage…

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