Back in Tennessee

Getting through customs wasn’t all that difficult. Apart from being exhausted, I got to everywhere I needed to be to get my paperwork stamped and my luggage sent onto Knoxville.

We were able to get a hotel room in Honolulu for most of the day while we were there. VERY VERY tired, we all stayed in the hotel. I actually caught up on some stuff that I wanted to do in Samoa, but was too distracted with the Internet. Luckily I had my cell phone and had set the alarm, because… they cut the power for an hour. Just because…

Oh well… I did get to speak with Jen with only a 5 hour difference. YAY!

So we got back on the plane to Chicago and wouldn’t you know it but I was seated next to this lady who we had seen in the American Samoa airport (but going to Pittsburgh) and she has run in a couple of Marathons. Kinda nice to chat about running stuff to a live person who didn’t think I was crazy.

We made it to Chicago with a problem, well, the 40 degree difference in Temperature wasn’t pleasant. I bought an over-price bagel, coffee and gatorade and started to continue reading my book. 2 hours later, our flight was ready (and on-time).

The flight to Knoxville was uneventful, just how I like it. They had us on the South end approach to TYS, which if you are coming from the North, you fly right over my house. I was on the wrong side to see my house, but I knew exactly where I was for the decent!

I got a call from Jen saying that she would meet me at baggage. Before the bags started spewing from the mystery hole, I went outside and she and the kids were waiting by the curb. When I stuck my head in the car, the kids weren’t sure who I was and even Ryan started to get a scared/upset look until he realized who it was, then he was all smiles.

I grabbed Eric and took him inside to look for my luggage. Entertained by the baggage carosel, my luggage did arrive and intact. The Samoan Adventure was now complete, after hugs and kisses all around to the family it was time for bigger and better stuff like gymnastics!


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0 Responses to Back in Tennessee

  1. Marianna says:

    I’m so glad you’re back & your trip was uneventful. Flying always gets me frazzled.


  2. Leesa says:

    Sweet.. welcome home 🙂

  3. planet3rry says:

    [quote comment=”594″]Sweet.. welcome home :)[/quote]
    Thank you… thank you!

  4. planet3rry says:

    [quote comment=”592″]I’m so glad you’re back & your trip was uneventful. Flying always gets me frazzled.


    The flying part wasn’t that bad… it was long, but manageable.

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