Long Runday

When the alarm went off early in the morning, I knew it was either now or never for getting a long run in while here in Samoa. So, I woke up and got all my stuff together and headed out. I made it out the door a little after 6am, which should cut down on the traffic noise. I was recording the core of audio for Episode 003 of my podcast Gravity @ 1053 and I didn’t want lots of background noise.

The gray sky was a welcome sight, even though the potential for a torrential downpour was eminent, I would rather run in the rain than the unrelenting sunshine. There was a nice breeze, enough to at least keep the gnats at bay, which is a good thing.

The path that I followed started off like my other routes that I ran here in Samoa, except that where I would turn to head back toward the hotel, I kept going straight. This would lead me to the intersection of the “airport” road and American Samoa Route 001.

I then proceeded East toward the village of Nu’uuli. Once I made it to the main road, the cars died down, which was nice. Unfortunately I did have technical problems with the audio, which I found out later… sigh. When you have a $3 microphone, these things happen.

Once past Nu’uuli, the road becomes paved as it hugs the curves of the southern part of the island. It looks like this part of the island was “designed” as there is a significant seawall, but the problem is that once I past the last mart, there is very little between here and Faga’alu. So I was isolated to a point.

Also, at this point I was exposed to the wind and the clouds, almost like a sacrificial offering. I was fortunate to have the wind not be a problem… this would, of course, be temporary.

Some where near mile 5 or so, about a mile before the turn around point, the wind changed directions. I didn’t realize what was happening, but all of a sudden… RAIN. The wind was now blowing in my direction and the rain was steady but not overwhelming. I contemplate turning around, but I was only a mile or so away. Plus I thought the amusement of the Samoans… “Look at the white guy running in the rain”.

Good for me: The storm was moving East to West; Bad for Me: I was soaked and my shoes were soaked and not providing any cushioning. So as I reached my designated turn around point, the rain had gone to a sprinkle. I turned around and ran back.

Bad for me: The storm was moving East to West much faster than I was running and the clouds began to break; Bad for Me: little cushioning and concrete = tired legs.

Running back was slightly more dangerous. Now it was time for church and so more cars were out on the road. Some of the places that were almost dry when I passed them the first time, were now mini-lakes. This meant that I was having to run in the road to avoid a run-swim-run workout. And there were pedestrians now to dodge as well. The adults were oblivious to me, but the kids found me curious. One asked if I was exercising, I said “Yes, Yes, I am”, others said hello.

Some how, I managed to pull a negative split during the run. My first 6.3 miles was 1:04:01 and my return trip was 1:02:23… don’t ask me how. I was sore, but not bad… not like the hike last weekend. I was ready to get cooled off, showered and get something to eat.

After getting a shower and getting the grit off my legs from the road, I headed to McDonalds for a nice breakfast. Well, it was a standard breakfast really. I had gotten a message in my room that I had left my credit card at a store the day before (I knew that) and they were going to drop it off as opposed to going on a wild shopping spree. That didn’t happen, but I wasn’t worried.

In the afternoon, I was on the computer. Completing online surveys and reading blogs. I had the TV on part of the time and the radio for the other part of the time. Go over to Running into a Brick Wall, frequent Planet3rry commenter and marathon extraordinare, Rae, complete the inaugural Harpeth Hills marathon with her hubby Brent!

In the evening I started to edit the audio for Episode 003 of Gravity @ 1053′, this is when I realized that my audio was hosed, or at least part of it. I believe that the microphone doesn’t like moisture and it cracks, pops and just doesn’t work when it gets wet.

But I wasn’t done when the crew called to go to dinner… Hong Kong House, one last time!

When I got back, I started to preliminary pack my bags. I finished the audio to the podcast and added some new little snippets (nothing too exciting). All I have to do is to export to MP3, upload, change the feed and I will be done.


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0 Responses to Long Runday

  1. darrell says:

    So, I take it there aren’t a lot of runners is Samoa? Sounds like life on the island has pretty muched boiled down to the simple pleasures – run, blog, eat (with work thrown in of course).

    Have a safe and uneventful flight home.

  2. DPeach says:

    [quote post=”908″]The adults were oblivious to me, but the kids found me curious. One asked if I was exercising, I said “Yes, Yes, I am”, others said hello.[/quote]
    Reminds me of my trip to Grenada (the Caribbean Island, not the city in Spain). They would say some of the silliest things. When you are walking down the road their greeting, or just something to say would be, “You’re walking mon, you’re walking.” If you were digging a hole, “You’re digging mon, you’re digging.” They would inform you of what you were doing just in case you did not know. Really helpful.

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