The End (of the survey work)

No one was all that excited to spend an extra day in American Samoa. Richard’s girlfriend has an infection and so his stay in Hawaii instantly crumbed before his eyes. So he has had to go through the process of canceling all of his reservation et al. Also we found out that we are going to have a hotel for our 12 hour layover in Hawaii, some hotel right near the airport. So that will be pretty sweet, I guess, well it beat wandering around the airport for 12 hours. At least I will be able to watch TV and use my mobile phone. Perhaps they will even have free internet.

Friday was very windy. Steady wind too, some where around 15-20 mph. Since I was going to run Saturday morning, I was glad to not face the wind. It did shower every now and then, but of course. What would we expect?

We had a fairly easy day of survey work. It was more of picking up survey forms than anything else. So, pretty simple. While at the hotel for one of our meeting before more pick up, we had a nice chat with a business woman from New York. She had come to see what American Samoa was all about. Her trip was a 2 day excursion from Hawaii… she was, eccentric.

She had great vision for the island. Do this, do that and the people here could be living in a real paradise. The only problem, change the culture of the Samoans. Kick out a couple of villages so that they could buld up some exclusive resorts… it could work and would be successful, but the island doesn’t work that way.

So after 20 minutes, we went back out to wrap up all the rest of survey forms. After a couple of visits and call, we know have some forms to pick up on Monday. I would rather work a little on Monday, since we don’t leave until 11:20pm than to wait for them to “mail” the form back to me.

We ate dinner at the Hong Kong house, no surprise there.

When we got back, I was back on the computer to try to catch with blogging and commenting. I had the TV on, because we get those 6 channels, the only one that might be current is USA network. Everything else is 2 weeks old or the movies are from the 40s and 50s. Having never ever seeing an episode of Law & Order before coming to the island, I have seen about 10 different episodes of Law & Order: SVU and 3 episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

I did get to see Shoot Out! on the history channel. Of course, I also got to some shows on Hitler, Atlantis, Prisons, Iwo Jima, Aircraft and much more. All of which is interesting once, but when the shows come on again, ehhh, not so much. But the commercials are now heavy for the elections. Yes, the elections from earlier in the month.

So major survey collection work is done. Now, we just have to escape, I mean leave, the island back to the main land. The question is… when will that be?

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