Cold Schmold

With the memo on my desk that reads:

Re: Attention Cold Weather Ahead

Hey dufus, it’s freaking FALL, man. Did you notice all the orange in the trees? Didn’t UT just play (and beat) Alabama? It’s October… HELLO! There is nothing abnormal for East Tennessee weather to go from 70 degrees to 40 degrees in 5 hours. Plan on it being cold from now on and pack approriately… and that includes bandages

I had some inkling that the weather would be on the rather chilly side today. It was a smiggin’ warmer and the technical conversion of smiggin’ is roughly 2 degrees Fahrenheit. It was sunny today, so that might have made the difference.

Today was supposed to be an easy run… a nice leisurely 4 mile stroll along the Neyland Greenway but we know that “What Terry Plans, Terry Doesn’t Always Do It” and today was not much different. Today’s run did start out as a nice easy run. I found a good pace that was fairly easy to run and was SO EXCITED that the pace was 8:06 minutes. This “easy” pace is much faster than the previous “8:40” not but a few short weeks ago. I think this excitement got me going. Actually, I think it was the fact that the wind wasn’t blasting me in the face! THat COLD wind by the way.

My next mile was a 7:56, and I thought that was about right. At the turn around point, I could tell I was picking up the pace and clocked in the 3 mile in 7:43.

Now here was my thinking. I was running progessively faster, and it was still pretty easy (relative). I thought that I could possible challenge my personal record of the 4th mile that includes the Lake Loudon Ave Hill (a 0.3 mile 6%+ grade hill). My current PR time for that mile was 7:47… So I went for it.

I attacked the hill with a vengence. I knew that I had the weather on my side that I could exert a little more than usual without the dangers of overheating. As I crested the hill and proceeded to turn towards the aquatic center, I did not give up on my pace. Usually, I use this part of the mile as recovery, but I did this time.

I ended up finishing my run in 31:24 and the last mile was a PR time of 7:39! I was very excited about this and started to thinking about making use of my recovered speeed. Perhaps a 5k, 8k or 10k that I could try for a new PR. There is a 10k this weekend in Townsend, TN and of course I plan to run Autmunfest 8k (Thanksgiving) and in December there is a 5k that I can run. So we will see… it will depend on what I can do in American Samoa.


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0 Responses to Cold Schmold

  1. Marianna says:

    It keeps hovering around 75 here these days. I’d gladly trade ya.


  2. Leesa says:

    Hailed here last night! Want some of that?? 😛

  3. planet3rry says:

    Hail! My word girl, if it’s not the bears, the fire, the horses getting out, it’s the freaking weather.

    MT sounds pretty dangerous, sirene… yes… deadly… YES!

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