Weekend Update

Okay, first things first:

We are up to 489 points and Michael, Darrell, Leesa, Marianna, Chris and Stacie are all in the current running to win a prize. Yes siree bob! We got some nice swag coming to one of these lucky contestants. Actually, we’ll have multiple winners…

This weekend was full of NOT running. However, I did go to a place where marathoning has a little history. Last year sometime, a new approach to marathon training made it’s media debut in Runner’s World. That training program was called the Furman FIRST plan. And the nutshell summary is it is that less is more, but you need to run faster/harder than a traditional training program. Or, you can run 3-4 days a week, but your workouts designed to a specific pace…

Well, this Furman FIRST plan was conceived in the Furman Institute Running and Scientific Training (sounds like a great place to work) which is part of Furman University. Furman University or (FU as the students love to shout) is a Liberal Arts Division I-AA school nestled in Greenville South Carolina. It just so happened that my Lovely and Talented wife graduated from said school 10 years ago. So we went back for her reunion.

We left on Friday afternoon (hence no post from me) and traveled to Greenville (about 3hrs from Knoxville). We stayed at a Sleep Inn not too far away and went to the Friday night Float-making-bonfire-carnival-peprally-thingie. It was pretty fun, but the kids were too small to do any of the activities. And the cotton candy line was too long 😦

Saturday we went to the Alumni house for the brunch. It was decent, but with the kids, we’ll pass next time. On the way back, we ran into John & Allie. These are the same crazy kids that got married in April and I was in the wedding party… you can check the archive if you need a refresher. So the first people that we bumped into Saturday was John & Allie from Knoxville, which we found out in the conversation was that they stayed at the SAME sleep in… just 2 doors down and we didn’t even know…

We dropped into the Math Department for Jen to see her old professors. The kids ran around the department for the most part. Then we went to the Bookstore. You can mark Saturday as Eric meeting his first “celebrity”… at least in his world. While we were in the book store, we were in a little nook with books in it, not athletic clothing and other Furman sundries. In one section, it said “Furman Authors” and in it was a book… that Jen and I instant recognized. It was this book:


I had blogged over on the family/kids blog that this was one of Eric’s Fave books… And I did notice that there we some people sitting out in the hallway with books.

“Maybe she’s [Melinda Long] is out in the hallway,” I said.

“Okay, let’s go check,” Jen replied. We got our stuff and headed out there and sure enough, she was there! We approached her and told her that Eric loved her book.

“Eric, this is the lady that wrote your pirate book, ” I explained. Eric’s nonresponse indicated his enthusiasm. So, I step into super geeky daddy mode.

“Pirates have green teeth, if they have any teeth at all…,” I started to recite. Ms. Long was very cordial and I am sure had a few if not more than 1 to many geeky parents come up and recite her book. As if she doesn’t know it by memory, does she really need to her it from someone like a parent. Ms. Long was a class of ’82 Grad from Furman. We found out and saw the proof of another book coming out, a sequel for the most part called Pirate Don’t Change Diapers (or something close). The picture showed our hero Jeremy Jacob with his pirate friend Captain Braid Beard (guess what his trademark might be) and his baby sister. Braid Beard is holding the baby as if there is a “dirty” bomb in the little sister’s diaper. Here’s a link to her other books. No, we didn’t get her to sign a book and no we didn’t get pictures…

The other event that we wer going to was the football game. My Lovely and Talented Wife was a College Cheerleader in her stint at Furman, so she always got into the games for free… and so did I when were dating. Furman was ranked in the Top 10 of the Division I-AA rankings until an unfortunate loss a few weeks prior. Going into Saturday’s game, they were 11th, I believe. regardless, it was going to be a nightmare to sit in the stands with the kids. Eric might sit for some of the game, as he watches football with me… Ryan… no way.

Luckily, a few things happened. We ran into some of Jen’s collegiate friends with kids, and there was space on the grassy section. So we took the kids down to to that and watched the first half of the game before we decided to call it a weekend and head home. On the way home, we found out that Furman did finally win in OT and that UT had beaten Alabama (in Knoxville).

It was a busy Friday/Saturday. Our Sunday was a little more laided back, but with some household cleaning, laundry, dishes furniture moving… you know the typical stuff.

I did not get a chance to run and will do so today a lunch… it’s currently 40 degrees outside and I really don’t have enough cold weather gear here at work… I have enough… I hope.


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0 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Laura says:

    Aw man..I don’t have any coke points. Bah. Man you have been busy, Intergalactic!!!

    It is good to catch up with you…;)

  2. Marianna says:

    Cotton candy is awesome!

    I’m glad you got to see your friends.


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