In my email box this morning!!! Our swag prize is in Limited Quantity now. We currently have 416 points and need to reach 530 points. I know that Marianna is going to have a stash of points… but will it be fast enough? Will someone from Kansas get the last bag before our hero can submit the online form to feed his bag fetish? Will our hero have to save his points for THIS?!

****Email from Coke Rewards****

Hi Terry,

You have added some really cool rewards to your wish list. We wanted to let you know that some of these items are so popular that inventory is running low and may run out soon!

The item(s) below are low in inventory so act fast:*

  • Coca-Cola(R) Sport Bag with Cooler


Visit to redeem the rewards you want before they disappear!

Keep drinking Coke®, Diet Coke® and Coke Zero® to collect points. Then visit to get rewards.

Thanks for being a part of My Coke Rewards!

*Reward inventory is on a first come, first serve basis. Depending on real-time site demand and when you visit the site, the item may already be out-of-stock.


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  1. Leesa says:

    I have some more for ya.. I’ll email them today 🙂

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