“every breath you take, every cake you bake
I’ll be watching you…” – Police

Don’t you hate it when you are 1c short of All-Purpose flour (pronounced FL-err here in East Tenn) and can’t bake that second cake? Me Neither.

It’s a hard rule at my office that when it’s your birthday, you supply the eatins that day (staple items are cake and ice cream) and you receive a Mystery Surprise Birthday Card. Everyone sings horribly out of tune the copyrighted version of happy birthday, unless you don’t like the Tennessee Volunteers (as one guy does), then you get a loud and vibrant rendition of Rocky Top (…you’ll always be home sweet home to me… good ole Rocky Top -WOOOOOOO Rocky Top Tennessee)

So to follow the office political protocol, I bake 2 cakes. Sure as hell that I get a whole cake to myself to share with family & friends and not moochers. Of course, I mooch like crazy on other people’s birthday… heehee. So above is Cake #1 which will be the cake that I bring to work. It’ll be covered in a Chocolate butter icing that only has 1.2 million calories per ounce, but it’s like Crack. I guess that I will have to purchase the $5 bag of flour at the convenience store (convienent for you, not your wallet) so that I cake be one of the Knaves of Three.

It is my personal tradition to purchase something for myself for my birthday. Typically it is something that I have been wanting that I don’t feel like I deserve (like about everything). I’m not sure what it is going to be this year, strange. Perhaps I will get something running related, ugh, how unoriginal.

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0 Responses to Preparations…

  1. Lana says:

    Very cool…I may try that out. Although I’d rather have the Tigger cake! 😦

  2. Marianna says:

    I’m going to try to sing tomorrow for you, but chances are slim to none. My voice is near non-existant. LOL


  3. DPeach says:

    I would come to the party, but I don’t like chocolate cake. You can have my piece.

    We did something fun yesterday. We made fettucini from scratch. Looking at your picture made me think of how much fun that was and so much easier than a cake. You ought to give pasta a try sometime.

    Happy birthday!

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