Weekend Update

I never got a chance to say anything about Friday at all and seeing that I was not really near a computer all weekend… I couldn’t do a thing about updating. Also, one of our small computers (a older refurb model) seems to have bitten the bullet. It’s in a loop error that I am not sure if I can fix.

Friday was a crazy day of sorts. I ended up leaving work early because Jen was in a disarray with the kids and her sickness and just a bunch of other stuff. I came home and let her sleep until the evening when she had to go her nails done. I mean, what better than that to cheer up a gal? When she got home we watched the movie Sideways as part of our informal “date night”.

Saturday could have been called “The Flood”… locally we got around 6 inches of rain. some places and businesses were even flooded as it rained ALL DAY LONG. Even the UT vs. Marshall game was put on hold because of severe weather. In the morning, I had the Farragut Fall 5k, which will get its own race report. we had a babysitter because I had the race in the morning and Jen had an event that morning/afternoon. So, I had the kids Saturday Afternoon and we didn’t do a whole lot because of the rain. I took the kids out on the porch, but mainly we watched college football… “wanna watch football with daddy?” I was biting at the bit to go out and take pictures, I knew by the amount of rain that we’d be having some flooding, but by the time that Jen got home it was too late and even some of the roads were washed out as well. I guess I could have biked, but that would have been, like… work.

Sunday we had a fairly quiet one. It was cloudy and semi-rainy as well. So there was not much outside stuff going on. In the afternoon, I took Eric out with me to take some pictures that I wanted to do the day before. Although some places weren’t as flooded as I would have liked or anticipated, it was still pretty neat. I had my Canon AV-1 (SLR) and a digital Canon Elph. I will download the Elph pictures, but the AV-1 pictures, you’ll be able to (eventually) see the good ones on my photoblog.

I have a busy week this week… I have cakes to bake!


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0 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. Pam says:

    How coincidental..I am baking cakes right now!!

    I hope Jen gets to feeling better…I’d say right as rain but methinks you don’t need any more precip right about now huh?


  2. DPeach says:

    How can you live a weekend without having access to the Internet?

    I sure hope your wife gets to feeling better soon. That has to be awful to still be sick after a week.

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