I am just about caught up with everything and just about everyone. Wow, I sure hope that I will have a computer when I am in American Samoa… a weekend is bad enough but 2.5 weeks of catch-up. YIKES!

I did not run yesterday. I actually only worked half a day. Wednesday is Jen’s day for home scholling Eric and young boy named Joshua. On Tuesday and Thursday, he is a Joshua’s house for school. So, with Jen being busy with the 3yos, I had to take Ryan to get his 15 month well check.

Ryan did fine with at the pediatrician. He ranks in the 5-10% percentile of weight and 10% of Height, which means that he is a small squirt. With an average male and a Filipina mother, these kids are not going to be giant by any stretch of the imagination. Okay, I can imagine them as big as Godzilla terrorizing downtown Knoxville, but I do have an active imagination.

It was also time for some vaccinations. Some people are super anti-vaccinations, but we’ll go for the risk as small as it might be. Ryan had to get one in his leg and the other in his arm, and he only cried a little bit. He quieted down and after the 10 minute wait in the office, we headed to Chik-Fil-A for some lunch.

By the time i dropped Ryan off and got to work it was past Noon and it was just easier to skip the workout. It’s probably a good thing since I had such a speed workout on Tuesday. Today (Thursday) I brought my Heart Rate Monitor which I will run a control easy run. Typically, I do a two day taper before races but if I force myself to do an easy run, I should be okay.

The Powerball Lottery is 203 million… I think I may play, if I win I will have to do a special contest for you all out there.

website news: I have exported all my LiveJournal entries and will be adding them shortly. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add your comments as there is no way to extract the data with any ease. Voiceposts will also have to be manually uploaded and that will take a few days.

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  1. Marianna says:

    If you win the millions, remember the little people that brightened your day with mail art!


    When’s your trip?


  2. Another trip to American Samoa? Nice! The only Pacific Ocean islands I’ve ever been too are parts of Hawaii (Oahu and the Big Island) and Australia—places like Samoa (American or former-Western) and the like sound so cool.

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