Today’s run was an adventure or least that was the plan. I had wanted to get some hill work in and I had my eye on a downtown hill. The hill is right at the corner of James White Parkway and the corner of Walnut Avenue. The hill travels northward up Walnut right near the City-County building and extends for 2 city blocks (or so).

I think it would be great if they had a 5k where this hill was part of the course. The name I have in mind would be the [Wal]NUT BUSTER 5k. Anyway, I decided to route around Volunteer Landing, as in my normal route and the cross JW Parkway up the full length of the Walnut Hill. I attacked the hill with great vigor, keeping my breathing normal (as I could) while keeping my legs moving. I pushed up to the hill and lengthen my stride and passed over the small rounded crest. I did stop to take a breather at the top of the hill, one of the trees was nice enough to offer some shade while I could feel my heart trying not to burst at the seams. I timed leaving my solitude of shade with the crosswalk to continue on the route.

I hooked up with part of my Market Square Fab 4 course, right on the same block as my Women In Black ladies hangout each Tuesday. This way, I wouldn’t know what my “off course” mileage would be but I would have 2 points at which I could figure my split times, once back in the office. Below is the course that I took. It starts at the pinpoint at the bottom of the map (which is the overall 1.5 mile) and ends at the pinpoint on Clinch Avenue. I know from that point at Clinch Avenue it is 1.0 miles back to the Aquatic Center. I just didn’t know what I had done between those points.

Walnut & Clinch Hills

Turns out that that red line is 1.55 miles. Making the whole trip 3.55 miles with two Mongo hills. I wanted to “grade” the hills, but I couldn’t find a way to get the elevation for the route. Actually, I did but the elevation seemed “off” so I deemed it unreliable. Anyway, here are the split times from today:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a rest day as our office is having a Labor Day picnic. And when I mean picnic I mean that we are all walking to a local Bar & Grill and ordering off the menu. Oh well, it’s free food, so who am I to complain…

On a side note: my Mobile Phone has died again. Not a week after I got a new phone, the battery will NOT hold a charge. Bastards! So, I have to go to the Sprint store today and have them take another whack at it.

Addendum: I am testing out this Windows Live Writers(WLW) ability to post images. If this works, this would be awesome because it would save me the time to load up Dreamweaver to FTP my photos. I use Dreamweaver and not a lighter program because it’s automated for me. I highlight the picture file and click the “up” arrow… file uploaded… no menus to navigate to. Plus, I get the benefit if I want to do any changes to any of my files, it’s right there. So let’s go see if we have pictures.tags: walnut hill, easy

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