The Errands 4 miler

I opted out of running today at lunch, I decided that I would do errands instead. My day is such that I have some freedom to get things that I need done but I have to really plan ahead and try to fit them in when I can. One of the best times for me to do things is lunchtime. Naturally, I want to run, so unless I want to 1)Get Up Early and Run or 2)Use the treadmill, I use my 60-70 minutes at lunchtime to exercise.

However, somethings like going to the bank, getting to business that close at 5pm and others are things that if I don’t do them at lunch… I won’t get a chance to do them all. Remember when I gave blood… lunchtime event. Today, I traveled to the company that put in our water filtration system and got new filters for the drinking apparatus at our sink. See, my lovely and talented wife is somewhat of a water connoisseur and the tap water is not quite up to par. Now, our tap water is run through the whole house filtration system and isn’t bad, but it isn’t bottled water either. And we all know that bottled water is just from someone else’s tap right?

So, the little flashy light that tells me that it’s time to go layout some green for some filters has been going off for some time now. Of course, don’t mention this to her, but I have been serving water from the ‘expired’ filters from sometime. I think it’s tolerable for her, but she doesn’t have to drink that poopie water no more. I have brand new shiny filters to filter out all the yuckies.

I am actually going to run Errands Thursday and Friday as well. I think that I will do an easy run on the treadmill Thursday night, so that will take care of my running. Up and coming events are Terry Goes to the Bank and Terry wanders around Kroger. Can you all please contain your excitement!

Well, I was scavenging the internet for the video for Lime In The Coconut from the Muppets. You wouldn’t have thought that someone would have put up that video by now… I couldn’t find it, although I did not do an exhaustive search on YouTube or GoogleVideo. I mean they have the classic Ma Na Ma Na but no Lime In The Coconut…

oh well… why fail me now internet…

Okay, the great intro (in my mind now) was for a relative new product that I have been enjoying. With the big water boom of… well, forever… you have really had no choice in water. You had water and well, purified water and spring water…

Until Dasani and Aquafina marketing Genius, we’ll call him Chuck or Karl (it doesn’t matter to the boss) thought “Hmmm, I like water and I like flavor, I just had this great idea to put flavor in coffee creamer, I wonder if the same would work for water?”

It’s really nothing more than Kool-Aid without the HUGE amount of sugar, closer to Crystal Light on the Flavored Water evolution chain. So, with the barrage of flavored water coming at us for a couple of months now. Our newly promoted Marketing Genius Chuck-Karl had another BRILLIANT (Guiness reference) idea… how can we take over the plain water market. Well, if your water was Software program, Chuck-Karl’s item was a plug-in.

The single serving drink powder. Now soccer-moms don’t have to create a 5 gallon jug of Kool-Aid. Well, according to TV, soccer moms would be more of a Sunny-Deligh—errrr, Sunny D. customer. So poor choice there. Anyway, you don’t have to make a huge amount of flavored water, you have a tiny compact packet (Packet Technology Breakthrough) that magically turns water into a bottle of flavored goodness.

This isn’t revolutionary… Chuck-Karl has just brought it the forefront.

So one of my lovely and talented wife’s friends brought this stuff called True Lemon to our household. It’s dried, crystallized lemon that instantly dissolves in water and makes lemon-water anywhere. Cool I thought, but I’m more of a Lime guy. I’ll ask for lime in my iced tea… Lime margaritas… a drink offically called a Terry Special. When Coca-Cola introduced Lime into their colas I was like “FINALLY”, but I find them mediocre and don’t seek that flavor out anymore.

Flashback: Spring 2006
I cut out a coupon for True Lemon and sure enough there was a picture of True Lime. SAH-WEET-TAH. The question was where to find this True Lemon/Lime. That was the trick. I finally found True Lemon at Kroger in the sugar section in the baking aisle. No other store had it, but Kroger only had True Lemon *sniff sniff*

Flashback: Last week sometime
Like a puppy dog who runs to window when it hears a car hoping that it’s master’s car, I would look for True Lime each time in Kroger… for months. And then, yes folks and then, there it was… Right next to it’s counterpart True Lemon was True Lime. You could hear the trumpets blaring!!! I bought a box… I wanted to see if it truly was… true lime flavoring.

Click on the picture for more informationand to ask for free samples of the stuff!

I’ve drank more water this week. I have a flat of water on my floor. I grab a 0.5 liter bottle, dump in a packet of True Lime and boom, the water is gone. The good thing is that it is off-setting my Diet Coke intake. Something which I know I need to decrease. Bad news about increased water intake… constant trips to the bathroom. Like right now…


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