From Hollywood Squares:

In Hawaiian, does it take more than three words to say, “I love you”?
Vincent Price: No, you can say it with a pineapple and a twenty.

I was beginning to think that mycokerewards quest was going to be a dud. After all, they essentially ran of of good crap to chose from and all that was left was stuff like buy 2 Nights at a place you’ll never stay and get the 3rd night free. Oooooooooooo.

Well, that was before I logged in yesterday to add some more codes. Apparently there is a sport that is coming up real soon. If you are anywhere near the East Tennessee there is no way to escape the fact that Football time in Tennessee is approximately 30 days away. It’s Sept 2nd when the Vols (GO VOLS -WOOOOOOOOOOO) play Cal here in Neyland Stadium.

Football is King here. Well, Elvis is still King but it is no coincident that College Football is played on Saturday. It gives the preachers here in this area something to preach about Sunday Morning.

“Did you see that Quarterback Sneak from the 5 yard line in the Fourth Quarter to win the game??”
“AMEN, Brother!!! Jesus split that defense like the Red Sea”

Okay Focus Terry… back to the subject at hand…

Well, Coca-Cola put some new prizes in there… bunches of College Football Tickets to games you’d probably never see. Although there were tickets to the UT vs Vanderbilt game. But I didn’t have enough for those and to be honest, I wanted something else.

Now, I do have some helpers sending my Coke codes and that has helped tremendously. If you’d like to send me codes, I’ll send you my email address, but then again you may want to keep them all to yourself! MUHAAHAHAHAHHA

Remember last month, when I told you about my bag fetish… I know some of you have a bag fetish of your own. Well, I had 600+ points to spend and to get something I wanted, I only needed 1200 more (that’s ONLY 120 cases of soda… I mean $360 for a $199 item… what a deal!).

But then I saw this:
another bag
And a smile spread across my mouth and my eye lifted up slightly. Then my brain said “You don’t need that”

“Sure, I do… I need a bag exactly of these dimensions”
“No you don’t”
“Sure I do, my favorite Blue Myrtle Beach Marathon bag suffered a lethal blow in Texas”
“And how often did you use it?”
“About, uh, 3 times a year… it’s my favorite… I didn’t want to wear it out.”
“Uh-huh, and this fan-dangled bag will make up for it”
“Like ice cream after a break-up”
“I see… but the PSP is still up for grabs, you should save your points”
“Save? Save! Savings is for wuzzies and bankers. Puh-lease, I don’t need to save… I need that bag”
“You don’t need it, you desparately want that bag, there’s a difference”
“Look, that’s a kick ass cool bag, in about 2 hours, that thing is going to be sold out. We can either get that bag or wait and then get the buy 2 Nights Get One Free crap in a month”
“Hmmmm… you have a good argument there… buy cool stuff now to avoid crap later”
“Right! So let’s do it! okay?”
” I dunno… what if they have cooler stuff later”

“I’ll get you a beer tonight if you say yes…”
So now it’s back to collecting mycokereward points… perhaps I have enough time to earn something else…


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