What? Running in this blog

For the past couple days the running content has been very lean. But really, can it compare to rapelling firemen? I didn't think so. Maybe if there was shirtless, sweaty runners maybe but not right now.

So, back to that thing that I do… for fun. It seemed that today was just going to be one of those running days. It had been cloudy ALL morning long… all morning long until I stepped out of the T-Recs building. Yes, I had to go to the T-Recs building because UT is hosting some aquatic competition and there were tons of kids and their soccer swimming moms out there.

The benefits of the T-Recs building is that it's air conditioned, but that's about it. The negatives is that if I run outside, I have to bring my ID. If I bring my ID outside that means that I can LOSE my ID. At the Aquatic Center, we get the plastic party bands around our wrists and therefore we don't have to bring our ID to workout outside. Also, the lockers in the T-Recs building are the DUMBEST thing ever. One of my shoes does not fit when I put it lengthwise (or widthwise) for that manner. My toiletry bag rests on the bottom of the locker and I have to CRAM everything I own in there. I even have to hold my stuff in and then quickly close the door and remove my hand so that it will close.

Okay, so at the T-Recs building there are personal shower stalls with plastic curtains as opposed to the Aquatic Center with the open area shower area. But a giving up a little privacy makes up for more locker room and a cool wristband.

So, as I was mentioning before I distracted myself, the sun decided to shine its warm little face as I started running today. I was even trying to keep this a easy run but that didn't work out very well. What happened was that the speed workouts of this week caught up with me, so that I was running slower than what I thought. In fact, that coupled with the newly discovered sun, caused me to really pay the price on the 3rd mile.

Luckily I had brought water with me, so I decided that I would walk a block and drink some water. That actually happened on a number of occassions and I ended up drinking my water within a 1/2 mile distance. I just tried to keep going despite the fact that the run workout was going downhill really quickly (as I was running uphill). I missed the 3 mile split, which was fine since I wasn't going to be getting any fantastic time, I didn't need to worry about it. What was encouraging was that I wasn't doing all that great but my legs didn't feel too bad up the last big hill.

I knew then that my fatique was more of a result from the faster runs that I had done this week especially from the extended rest period of last week.

I signed up for the Scholar's Run 5k which will be held on August 19th. I'll post more on this race later as it holds some significance in my running history. The course, does not lend very well to PR times, so I am not sure if I will even try for a PR time, but perhaps a course record. I would like to get some track workouts but not in the sun. Maybe the treadmill would be a good alternative.

Tomorrow we might take Eric the Elder to see the movie Cars. This would be his first theatre movie… I'm a little skeered. We might see the whole thing, we might see 5 minutes. Who knows!


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