Day3 Hugs and Goodbyes

The last Day is a half day getting out at noon. This way most people can get an airplane ticket back home and get home at a reasonable hour. Unfortunately, you are not fed (by the company) on this day. But there is a hole in the wall diner that is in between Union Station and the Kennedy (hole in the head) Monument. We discovered it last year and looked forward to it this year. You get a decent amount of food for a semi-resonable price. The comforting thing is that it's homemade food, not the pre-processed fastfood plastic-like food.

I ended up getting the Stack O' Pancakes and could have actually gotten the half stack because I was struggling to finish the stack. We watched the developing story on Israel. If you don't follow the podcast Phedippidations, one of the Race Directors for the [DUN-DUN-DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN] Phedippidations WorldWide Half Marathon, Mal is THE, not one of… but THE Cameraman for FoxNews. He is in some serious doo-doo right now, thank goodness that he loves his job. So, everytime I see something about that area, I pray for him. Thankfully, he can post to his blog and his accounts of what he does is simply amazing!

So we walked over to the convention center for the closing session. During the closing session, they love to give away free stuff… A Dooney&Burke (sp?) bagset, flat screen tvs, pink digital handi-cam, and some other stuff. But there are rules, well, just one really… “You Must Be Present To Win”. We were present, but we did not win. maybe next year.

We listened to speeches of the Top Directors in the Pearl Seminar. I might even summarize them and post them here, because really, most of the content is Life Applicable and not just information for Mary Kay. That's one of the reasons I love coming to these event because I get alot of them that I can apply to my life.

Oh before I forget, I did try to make an Voicepost from Awards Night, but my phone quality sucked SO BAD (How bad did it suck?) that you could understand… NOTHING. I mean NUHHHHHTHING. So, I ditched it. I should have been more diligent about Voicepost, perhaps in the near future I will make the resolution to use them, after all, I essentially paid for them .

So, we took some pictures (some of which I wanted to post but did not copy them to my Da Kruza USB drive) and maybe those will be the subject of a future post.

Overall, the experience was awesome. I arrived back in Tennessee rejuvienated about my Life, Jen's Business and my running. I've been actively working to do some major overhaul self-improvement ever since October of last year. This was a well needed boost. You can think of this reworking Project:T3rry.

The next big MK company event is called Leadership, which is for Directors Only. Where as Seminar is held in Dallas each year, Leadership is held in a different city each year. This past January (it's always in January) it was in Atlanta. In 2007, it is in San Diego. You know what's in San Diego? Well, lots of things. A Zoo, a mediocre NFL team… and Miramar. Miramar… the places where fighter pilots go to Fighter Weapons School… well, we know it as Top Gun. Remember a few posts when I said you DON'T MISS A LUNCHEON! Well, this lunch is on one of the ships! I am not sure which type of class (carrier, battle cruiser, tugboat) but it's extra special AND if Jen qualifies for another special event… (oh, I was SOOO EXCITED about this) REALLY EXCITED! We (because I am a director's husband) will be able to participate in a Fighter Jet Simulator! HOW FREAKIN COOL.

I love flying. I taught Hang Gliding for 2 summers. I passed the Ground School test for private aviation license. I have wanted to be an Astronaut forEVER! If I had been in the Military, I would have tried to get as close to (or in) aircraft as much as I could. I actually changed my Firefox theme to a NASA theme… FIghter Jet Simulator people! Oh I want to do that and all I have to do is help Jen!


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