Pam's Mailart

okay… so I get this email from Pam of ‘Pam & Bill’ fame

*singsong voice*  I can’t wait till you get your mail art….I’m so excited I could pee.  Oh, TMI? Pam

You see, I actually won TWO contests that Pam threw out there. One was a name this artist contest which I sorta won because in my response post I worded it so that names of other songs by the artist made my entry. However Pam, didn’t know anything else this artist did… so she was staring blankly at my response.

The next mini-contest she had was her change from Post Titles to starting with “I am…“. I was declared the overall winner (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) on that contest and the reward… MAIL ART.

So, all I had to work with was that Pam’s mail art was so cool that she was losing bodily control over it. It arrived sometime while we were in Dallas… but when we got it, well… just take a look:

Pam's Mail Art

To describe it, the pictures form a collage on one sheet. The words “My Life” are cut out of the picture collage. Then, very professionally, the whole thing is laminated.

Going from Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Terry: Seminar 2004
Terry and Eric: Nags Head 2005
Terry: March 2005 Trideltathon
Eric: Anchor Park March 2006
Terry: Knoxville Marathon 2006
Terry: 2006 taken by Eric
Lipsticks: Leadership 2006
Skip: Summer 2003
Middle Row
Tree: Photoblog shot 2005
Eric with Ear Goggles: April 2006
Hand Picture: Ryan 2005
Eric in Pink: Friends Wedding 2006
Ryan with Ring: Spring 2006
Bird’s Nest: Photoblog shot 2005
Chevrolet: April 2006
Terry with Camera: Taken by Eric
Bottom Row
Ryan: Summer 2006
Eric with finger up nose: Spring 2006
Ryan smiling: Spring 2006
Jen with Ryan: 2005
Kids in Swing: Spring 2006
Skip looking out window: June 2003
Wheel: April 2006
Eric: December 2005

It VERY VERY COOL! Thanks Pam.
And just to be Terry… I will sign off with this quote from the Lead singer of The Smiths – Because it’s a tie-in to the two contests for this mailart!
“I am Human and I need to be loved” – Morrisey


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