Down and (not) Out

If you’ve been playing at home, you know that I will be away from my computer (and home and kids and dog) for a few days. This means that you will not have any quality posts from me (I see dead people… no wait… just a bunch of sticks). It will also mean that you won’t be getting any comments from me either (I know!!!).

But, don’t despair my fellow bloggerites… do you easily forget the wonderful technology of Voice posts??? Well, yes… I just checked and I have not 1, not 2 but 17 voiceposts that I can use for the rest of the month. Don’t worry… it won’t be 17 messages of crazy zany antics… such as tomorrow’s deflowering of Terry and the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) or the excitement of 1000 women when they hear that they’ll be getting not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 free samples (sorry, inside joke)… no, nothing like that. Crap, that means I might have to make some content.

I will be armed with only 3 cameras while in Dallas… [Damn, I wish I had sound effects] my Canon AV-1 (code name:’Old Man’): my 35mm manual SLR; my Canon S45 (code name:'<b>don’t know yet</b>):my digital point & shoot and the Canon SD200 Elph (code name:’Elf’). Hopefully, I can capture some great pictures of dallas like I did last year:
Dallas Hyatt 1
Dallas Hyatt 2
Dallas Hyatt 3
Dallas Hyatt 4
Dallas Hyatt 5
Dallas Hyatt 6
Super Pam
Ryan in Sunlight
Refreshing Tea
Ring of Texas Stadium
Pink Power Generators
Zoriada (submitted for a Photo Friday entry)
Ryan going home

So… I’ll be in touch…


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Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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