Procyon lotor

Dontcha love it when I get all latin with it?

Do you know what a Procyon lotor actually is? Well, before you go any further you can chose to quiz yourself:

What is a Procyon lotor?
A) A running shoe
B) A Star Name
C) A Raccoon
D) A Harry Potter Character

The Answer in InvisoText is C) A Raccoon; Both A&B have Procyon in their name and D) is just right-out

Quiz Ends here

Our guest has been around for a while, feeding himself to Skip’s food dish. It’s like the neighborhood Sizzler, a never ending buffet. So, the little theif has been known for a while and once I saw it. I was unable to take a picture of it at the time, but it would have turned out grainy like the sasquatch or Nessie pictures. So, let’s go back to Monday night. Jen fell asleep on the LoveSac and I on the couch, sometime around 1am the dog got a little aggitated and I thought A-HA I will catch the theif in the act.

Sure enough, the bandit was scoring loads of goodies from the trash can that contained the mother load of Skip’s food. I scared him off with the lights, but no sooner had a fallen back alseep that he was at it again. Little do those creatures know that sound travels… I being an educated human understand that being QUIET is necessary for stealth operations.

So, the next morning, me and my opposable thumbs McGyvered a locking system on the trash can that was secured not with a paperclip, a magnet and duct tape, but with 2 bungee cords. The lid was locked on tight and I felt secured that I would be hearing the theif crying on the fence when the hand-outs stopped coming. Again, sleeping out in the living room, I was falling asleep and actually was already asleep when the clattering of the creature came from the porch.

This was a prime example of how college education can be negated with just a few neurons of StreetSmartz. Sure enough, if you move the bungee cords to one side, you have a slight lever action on the other. Then with a little strength, you can make enough room to get in. Now, had the bandit made it all the way in, he probably would have been caught inside. Oh, what I would have done had it been trapped…

Anyway, I scared him off and a couple hours later like 2:30am, he was back at it. GRRRR. So I ended up taking the dog food out, and leaving the empty trashcan on its side so that said creature would realize that the free government hand out were no longer an option. I put the dogfood in the garage.

So now it’s Wednesday Night. I have transfered some food into a smaller plastic container and left the bag in the garage. Mother-Ferrr. The little bastard CHEWED through the plastic to get into the food. So a battle of wits has begun… I being the smarter… the creature beig the more resourceful

Here’s what the dude did to the “new” container

You can also see my bungee cord lock on the side there.

Here is the escape hatch for the creature… ripped right through the screen:

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife and her camera, else I would not have been able to share these pictures with you…

So who wants to name my new pet?


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