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I saw an ad for Liberty Mutual last night that made me get all teary… it was their commercial on the theme of Personal Responsibility. It really it was about the Mantra of Pay It Forward. In Short, Pay It Forward is when one person does a nice deed for 3 people and those people do a good deed to 3 people and so on and so forth… the increase is exponential.

after a little research on the whole concept of Pay It forward this is what I found:

Catherine Ryan Hyde, the writer of the book Pay It Forward (2000) has started a foundation based on this. I did not know this and when I have more time I will read more and see if this is one of the charities that I chose to support

The book Pay It Forward was turned into a movie staring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, Haley Joel Osment, Jay Mohr, James Caviezel, Jon Bon Jovi. Which is where i first learned about the concept

There is a country song, a sappy country song only because of the slow twangy feel to it, by Clay Walker titled The Chain of Love. Where a guys helps a rich lady with a flat tire. SHe's on the side of road and scared (I guess AAA couldn't make it) and he helps her out with his cowboy gentlemenness. She wants to give him a $100 but he refuses. She goes to the diner and orders a small meal. She notices the waitress and thinks about her evening. He pays her check with the $100 and leaves unnoticed  and we come to find out at the end of the song that the waitress is the cowboy' wife… In essence, it's the same concept.

Then there is the Liberty Mutual commercial. Now, this doesn't have the rule of 3 that the actual Pay It Forward concept, but we see a string of events that ends up coming back to initial good doer. I couldn't find the video directly, so you will have to go to this website to view it. The video is high quality, so that is nice.

Pay It Forward is how I view my life. I may not follow 100% of the time but I truly feel that the world would be a better place if this was more widespread. After all, do to others, as you would have done to you… hmmm where have I heard that before?
Terry's Rules of Life #6 – Give Something a Little Extra



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