It was a BRICK workout

hmmm… another bastardization of a song. This time it was of The Commodores (not to be confused with the university in the middle of Tennessee)

Anyway, my workout today went without a hitch. I changed my workout while walking to the Aquatic Center.  I knew that I could swim 400 meters in about 9 minutes, so I figured that if I swam 800m, there would still be enough time for me to run 2 miles. Since 800 meters is what I need to swim at the Tellico Triathlon, I figured… why not. During the workout, I decided that instead of a plan rest at the halfway point that I would just adjust my goggles and keep going with no rest. I reasoned (uh-oh watch out) that I won't have the luxury of pool water or pool sides to push off from during the race, so I decided to try to simulate as close to race conditions as possible. I know that it will be tough out in the river swimming the 800 meters, so I wanted to get all the swimming that I could in so that I am not flopping around like a one finned fish out there in the water.

I was consistent on my 2 spilts of 400 meters, again faster than my previous 400 meter swimming races. I then got out of the water, went to the chair where I left my shoes&socks put them on and then took off. I wasn't trying to have a super fast transition time. In fact, with Gray doing the bike discipline, I will have about an hour in between my swim and run, so I will have plenty o' time to get ready to run. But I got my shoes on and took off.

During the run, I carried my goggles and the first mile, I know I must have looked silly since I was soaking wet running around with my goggles. It wasn't until the 1/2 mile mark where my breathing felt normal. It felt labored at first, which is normal since I had just swam for 17 minutes… my legs felt good so they kept me moving right along without incident. I had hope to not have to stop at all during my run (again, to simulate race conditions) but I have to cross multiple streets and I wasn't going to play chicken with a car.

I was a little anxious during my run because I knew a 1 mile course, but I did not want to do an out-and-back course. So, I “made” up the last mile of my run and after mapping it, it just happened to turn out (ever so slightly over) to be one mile! Score!

Overall the workout went really well, I was pleased and will do it again. I know that I could even swim 400 and run 3 miles if needed. I'm not thriled about swimming in my running shorts, but don't own a pair of triathlete shorts yet, so I have to settle for that. But honestly, that's not a big concern.

So here are the split times:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 400 m 400 m 8:32 8:32 swim 
2 400 m 800 m 8:54 17:26 swim 
3 1:18 18:44 Transition 
4 1.0 1.0 8:19 27:03 run
5 2.0 2.0 8:28 35:31  run

I guess that I won't be as fast I would like to be for the race. I will have recovery time, so maybe things won't be too bad. I would love to have a 7:30-7:40 pace for the 4 miles in the race, but would be happy with a sub-8:00 pace. I haven't done a lot of true speedwork, so I know that I can't be upset if I am not too fast.


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