Unscheduled Rest

Seems that in an act of comraderie with my fellow office mates, I will forego my scheduled 4 mile run today. Instead of trying to establish mile split times to gage my progress, I will be consuming calories in BBQ form. Our Fourth of July picnic is scheduled for today and so in an act of goodwill… I will (sniff sniff) not workout at lunch today.

We all bring in something for the picnic and what did I sign up for? (wink wink) Buns. I actually bought a variety… I have the regular hamburger buns, I have the premium hamburger buns with sesame and the ever healthy Whole Grain wheat rolls (made by the fore-runner of nutritious bread items Wonder)

I think I will try to milk out 3 miles on the treadmill tonight. I am not sure the logisitics of it all, but I can set the pace for 8:45 or so and force myself at an easier pace than normal. I am going to try a new workout tomorrow… i am going to do a brick workout. No, this doesn't invovle rectangular forms of masonery. A Brick workout is used typically in multisport training schedules and is usually two different types of workouts back-to-back. Triathletes will do a swim workout followed immediately by a run or a bike and run, or run and bike, or run and swim, etc.

The idea behind it is that you are simulating race conditions on your body and this gives you a chance to “feel” how your body reacts and a chance to condition your body. So, tomorrow, I wil go to the pool, swim 400 meters (about 9 min) get out, put shoes and socks on and then run 2.5 miles (about 22 min). This will be a trial run to see how this works for me. I will try to lengthen the distances as I becme more accustom to the workout. Possibly even bring my bike in for a bike and run. I just don't have a lot of time to play with and so I want to maximize my workouts.

Given that the race is on July 9th, I probably will be able to do another brick workout on the 3rd. I don't know if I will be able to run on the 4th because of the holiday. I might. and the 5th will be a 1600 meter (1 mile swim) and 6th will be a 5 mile run. 7 and 8 will be Taper Rest days with Race Day on the 9th. Woah… I just planned out my next 10 days or so. Huh, go figure.


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