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Most of you should know that I have a passion (with a little 'p') for photography. If you don't you do now.

In my weapons of mass photography, I have the following weapons:
Canon AV-1 (circa 1982), 35mm SLR, 50mm lens and 70-210mm lens
Pentax 1000 DTL, 35mm SLR, with 50mm lens and 85-200mm lens
Canon S45 (circa 2002), 4MP digital P&S
Minolta Dimage X20, 2MP digital P&S
Unknown Brand Name, 35mm P&S
Canon SD200, 2MP digital P&S

but am ever on the cusp of jumping with both feet for that digital SLR. Unfortuantely, there is some discrepancy between the higher end P&S (Point and Shoot) and the entry level dSLR. That discrepancy runs about $400, or $600 if you want a lens with your dSLR. The good news is that there is a mush between the two. Meaning that the higher end P&S can function in some ways as good or slightly better than the entry level dSLR.

Now, if you want to spend some serious jack… you can go for the second, third and fourth mortgage on your home with the Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II – digital camera (body only) (16.7 Megapixels), it's $6800+ just for the body… much less the lenses that go with it.

So, enough prologue for the post. So  decided that I would check out the eBay listing for some other manual SLRs, specificially the Canon FTb. Pete let me borrow this on two different occasions. Once when I was a senior in high school… I should have bought a SLR then! Grrr. The second was in 2003 right before the birth of Eric the Elder. I had wanted to take some quality artistic shots with that camera and was very pleased with it. It's manual all the way around. Anyway, while holding back a tear (because boys don't cry over cameras), I gave the camera back to him. Slowly, I have been returning the manuals as I find them through the house.

I went over to eBay and did a search for Canon FT 35mm and  got 12 hits. The picture of the first item showed a bunch of stuff in there, so I clicked on it and yes, there was a ton of stuff and the current bid was on $11.50!

This auction includes the following items:

  • FT camera unit
  • Soligor auto zoom 90-230mm lens
  • Soligor lens case and lens cap
  • Canon 50mm lens
  • Lens case for Canon 50mm lens and lens cap
  • Manual
  • Neck strap
  • Hanimex 40mm S Polarizing coated filter
  • Hanimex 40mm S wYG coated filter
  • Hanimex 40mm S 80A coated filter
  • Body cap
  • Extra lens cap
  • UN lens cleaning set
  • LHM T-adapter
  • Waltzfilter 48mm S wY2 filter
  • Waltzfilter 48mm S wO2 filter
  • Body case
  • Carrying case

But the shipping was unspecified. Hmmm. This was the first auction that I have seen sponsored by iSold It on eBay. We have one of these stores open up in the Turkey Creek Shopping metroplex and I always thought it was interesting because selling things on eBay isn't that difficult. But why not cater to the lazy, the busy, and those who know not. I wonder what their commission is on their auction… I dunno.

But for $11.50, I was stoked. Thinking maybe $20 would still be a steal with the right shipping (you always have to remember shipping!). So, I clicked the shipping and entered in my address…

Did you know that they charge a $7.00 handling fee. It's $7 for you to go pick it up. $7!!! (and …)

But, the cheapest way for them to ship it is Fedex Home Delivery for the measly sum of $29.76, no… really.

It's still probably a really good deal over all, but I would have to take a shower to cleanse myself if I paid that much on shipping for something like that.

So, I am still considering it… but will probably let it slip through my fingers like the countless iRiver iFP-895s that I have bid on (cheaply) for the past 4 weeks…

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