Half Marathon Challenge

I have been meaning to post this, because I know not all of you are runners(and don't listen to the podcast), but you may know someone who may be interested. Or you may be inspired yourself!!!

June 5th, 2006

Steve Runner

Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge
Internet radio show to feature global race event.

Oxford, MA. – “Phedippidations” the weekly internet radio show for runners (www.steverunner.com), announced today the organization of a 13.1 mile (21 km) road race that listeners from every continent on Earth can participate in together.

The “Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge” (www.worldwidehalf.com) is an open invitational event where runners from around the globe are committed to running 13.1 miles on the weekend of October 7th and 8th, whenever and wherever they choose to run. Some will take part in officially sanctioned half marathon road races, while others will plot their own course using maps or GPS devices.

“Everyone is a winner” says Australian co-race director and veteran runner Mal James, living (and running) in Israel. “We want to encourage everyone to run a half marathon with us”.
Mal conceived of the idea for a global half marathon event following the success of the “Simply Stu World Wide Triathlon” organized by Wisconsin PodCaster “Stu”, host of the SimplyStu Triathlon PodCast (www.simplystu.org).

Co-race director, Terry Higgins of Knoxville Tennessee has coined the phrase “Think Global, Run Local” to inspire new, novice and seasoned runners to join in the race. He will be providing entrants with training schedules for both beginners and veteran runners, to help them better prepare for the event.

Another member of the race director team: Ben Deutschle from Columbus Ohio, has created the registration database system for the half marathon. Runners from around the world are invited to sign up for free at www.worldwidehalf.com

As with a traditional race events, runners in the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge will be able to create their own race tee-shirts from a logo downloaded off of the official race website.

An online “virtual goody bag” will be made available with “eCoupons” and downloadable literature from corporate sponsors of the event.

“This is not a radio show publicity stunt” says Phedippidations PodCast host Steve “Runner”, “You don’t have to listen to Phedippidations to join us”. Steve also stresses that this is not a money making scheme. “This is purely about runners, across the world, sharing an experience together.”

“The goal” says Steve, “Is to encourage new runners who may never have attempted a half marathon, to do so in a very comfortable, supportive way. The reward will be in all of the race reports we hope to receive from around the world”.

Teams of athletes are being organized around the globe. Runners in Austin Texas, Knoxville Tennessee, Okinawa Japan, Europe, Israel and London are gathering groups of runners to participate in the race.

Terry Higgins hosts a running blog at planet3rry.livejournal.com and is a frequent correspondent on Phedippidations.

Mal James hosts a running blog at point1of1percent.blogspot.com and also contributes frequently to the podcast.

Ben Deutschle is an athlete who hosts an outstanding free training log website at www.buckeyeoutdoors.com.

Steve Runner is a long time columnist and contributor to the international newsletter and website “Run the Planet” (www.runtheplanet.com), which attracts the largest world wide running community on the Internet.

Phedippidations is a PodCast (or “RunCast”) of thoughts, opinions, observations and rambling diatribes composed during distance long runs. It’s produced weekly and made available for weekend long runs at www.SteveRunner.com.

Corporate sponsors interested in contributing to the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge can email the race directors at wwhalf@steverunner.com.

Further information can be found at www.worldwidehalf.com

– END –

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