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It seems that the self-proclaimed King of Komments has had a string of Blogs of Boring. This could be my perception on reading some other hi-quality blogs on the mudane topics of nothingness. I mean, my blog has content. It’s telling you what I am doing or rather what I did but I don’t feel that I am conveying enough in the post. I want it read like a Harry Potter novel, and if you want to imagine me in wizards’ robes… that’s cool!

Perhaps, I need to make crazy references… or snazier vocabulary… or maybe just proper grammar and not a bunch of !!! and …

So, let’s try this and list my split times today for swimming.

AHEM… okay [taking deep breath]

So today’s lunchtime excursion was getting wet and wild and going about 3/4 of a mile propeling myself through a highly viscous substance. The old way would be ‘not drowning in the pool’. And not only was the Almighty granting me a great environment of clear, chlorinated water but also a partially cloudy, errr, sunny warm summer day. Don’t forget a full workout bag with everything needed to smell fresh and clean.

So I am all suited up, ready to go swim my 27 laps in the pool, I have my yellow swim cap, my blue goggles and a towel. I head down to the pool where access is given to those who have the new party club band around their wrist. They used to have a stamp, that would ink your hand and grant you access to the pool. Then about 2 weeks a go, they changed to the plastic ID bracelets that clubs put on you to brand you as an old fart, I mean over 21. I can’t complain… it balances out my MS Society HOPE bracelet on my left hand and this will prevent me from swimming circles in a rectangular pool.

I found a lane in the 5′ section… this way, if I wanted to practice my flip turns, I wouldn’t end up with a concussion on the pool floor. The hardest thing about swimming laps and swimming 27 of them… is to remember which lap you are on. If you are swimming 27 laps, that is 54 lengths (if I did the math right) and with your mind wandering around you begin to second guess yourself… is this lap 4 or 5? To some extent, if you are swimming consistently, you can make a semi-educated guess by looking at your watch. But you need to know how fast you are swimming at the time… which I sort of knew.

After my first set of 9 laps, I took a minute or two to stretch out my arms and legs. I have a fear of cramps in my calf muscles from having them extended while kicking for some period of time (about 25 minutes). I should do squats… hell, I should do bench press and shoulder workouts to increase my endurance. So off to another 9 laps and I was pleased with my time. I was just a few seconds off from the previous 9 laps… hmmm… cool. It was my plan to goof off for the last 9 laps.

I know what you are thinking… how do you goof off by doing laps. Well, I was planning on practicing my flip turns, adjusting my stroke for sighting bouys and trying to swim the width of the pool completely underwater.  I didn’t practice my flip turns, but I did complete a roll turn. It wasn’t pretty and I have no words (I tried to find some) to describe the roll. I was able to practice my sighting (which I talked about in the ever rambling) Voicepost, so you have to listen to that to get the skinny. Anyway, my laps 9 laps, were slower but I expect that, but they weren’t as slow I was thinking… in fact, they were faster than some of my Trideltathon race times! So… here are my times…

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 411 meters 411 meters 8:48 8:48
2 411 meters 822 meters 8:53 17:41
3 411 meters 1233 meters 9:35 27:46

Now, it is time for me to move on to bigger and better posts… I think the menu for tomorrow will be a nice juicy Fartlek Run mixed in with some nice green(ery)ways, perhaps with a view of the river?

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