Weekend Update

I can't say that there was too much to report from the weekend. Saturday and Sunday we worked with Eric on potty training and he has done really well. He would end up watching DVDs while sitting on the potty and of course, if he did pee-pee there was much fanfare. YAYYYY!

Jen had an appointment early saturday morning and I woke up late which meant that I missed my chance to run. I had wanted to go 6 miles, and I probably could have made it on the treadmill, but that never materialized. Make that the same for Sunday as well… no running either days. *Sigh*

Points of interest on Friday Night? My Minolta Dimage x20 is clinically dead. It still boots up and runs (i.e., takes pictures, etc) but something is really wrong with it. I don't have it hear else I would show you what it's doing. I did take it apart and try to see if there was something out of whack with it… but nope. It's just nothing now… I will have to check my wholesale website to try to get something really fast… I don't like having a camera. Our neighbor is borrowing our S45 right now since her camera was accidently dropped and has gone to Camera heaven. And now that I think about it, the 35mm film in my Canon AV-1 didn't load up correctly and i lost pictures… I am in Camera Hell..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So Saturday? Little bit of World Cup in the morning… then some shopping in the afteroon/evening. I decided in AC Moore that I want to frame a bunch of my own photography… yeah, that's only going to be this arm and this leg (holds up arm and leg). Saturday night, I sat down to watch the movie Hawk The Slayer. It's a 1980's fantasy (no, not bow chickabowbow fantasy… Dungeon's & Dragons… or Harry Potter for you yungins) that has bad acting and even worse editing. I picked it up because I remember loving this movie as a kid. The one character that I remember emultating for his quick hand on the bow was the meloncholy elf named Crow. About the only person you'll recognize was Jack Palance, you  know the spokesman for the adjectives: Tough & Rugged. Anyway… I got my fix and sent it back… nostalgic feeling attained. Well, who would of thunk… as I was looking up the Characters of the Movie on IMDB, I click on the Actor for Hawk, a one John Terry… apparently he has been doing pretty well… he was Bob Warner in 24, and Dr. Christian Shephard in Lost plus made a few apperances on ER, Law & Order and Las Vegas.

Sunday, I mentioned before was the coffee/chocolate tasting event at church. I only had enough to puchase one bag of coffe and I chose the Ethiopian Blend. I like Kenya coffee, but thought that it's African neighbor would be a nice change up from the local flair that I normally drink, JFG. After church Grandma came over for so that we could get the oil in the Grand prix changed. On the way home we swung by Earthfare and picked up some Sushi… Yummy! The evening was pretty low key after the kids were in bed… laundry, mopping and dishwashing… what excitement!

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