Don't Know

You know me… Classic Terry, forget your shorts… forget your socks… well, today I forgot my whole workout bag. I took it home on the off chance that I would go swimming on Friday, which I didn't. So, I thought that I would wash my swimsuit since I only soap it when I shower. Well, I packed up a wal-mart bag with some other workout clothes to bring back to the office, but I didn't put my workout bag with my other stuff. So I left my workout back at home. *Sigh*

My only reprieve is that I have enough “parts” here at work out… well, almost. I have old shoes… and socks and shorts from home. But I am not smart enough to have an extra shirt here. I do have a fleece vest that would work perfectly if it wasn't summer. Not only that but it's raining here… so, my run would be really wet and uncomfortable as I would have to run shirtless.

And to make things even more exciting, I don't have soap/shampoo nor do I have pomade or skin moisturizer… not smart enough to have those as well. If I had run over the weekend, I wouldn't feel bad about missing the workout, but I need to workout.

A smart person would have extra clothes in their trunk… maybe that smart person could be me… but not today.

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Marathoner, A Terry of all trades
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