Heat & Humidity

Yesterday, Jen and I had an appointment at 2pm which meant that I needed to be there at 1:45 for paperwork. I figured that it would take me about 20 minutes to get there, so I needed to leave about 1:15-1:20ish. So that left me with what to do for Lunch and working out. I thought with the extra 10-15 minutes of workout time, that I would be able to get in a good 5 minute tempo run.

So, I thought. Well, it turned out that I the project I was working on (you'll see it soon enough) caused my computer to hang up. I don't have a computer here at work that works as fast or multitask as I do. I typically have many programs open and when Dreamweaver (HTML editor) and Photoshop are both open, my resources of the computer as eaten up. I can still function but if I try to do too much, then it's sloooooooooooooow. Well, that's what happened yesterday. I tried to close down stuff too fast and it took an extra 10 minutes to close everything. The running joke is that I have to close dreamweaver 30 minutes before the time I want to leave.

So, I was running late getting to the Aquatic Center. And I thought that I could bump my 5 mile run to a 4 mile run. But then I got to thinking that the sun was pretty hot and it was very humid. I then began debating with myself whether I would be better off doing 4 mile tempo or 4 mile speed work on the track. Knowing that I need to increase my speedwork for a triathlon with Gray on July 9th, I opted for the speedwork.

when I go out to the track (I saw Tina Wesson again), it was pretty damn hot and humid and I thought to myself that I should be careful in this heat. What Would Steve Do? Steve is the host of Phedippidations, a running podcast that I contribute to from time to time. Last week's episode was about Hot Weather Running and I was thinking about what he said. Like avoiding running between the hours of 12-3pm… whoops. The podcast also reminded me about being hydrated to avoid heat exhaustion or the worse heat stroke. I didn't have my EMT babes with me, so I had to figured this stuff out on my own. So, I did the best thing I could… I brought water.

With no fault to 'The Watch' I failed to hit an important lap time, so my interval splits mean absolutely nothing to me. But, I do remember a little bit. The plan for the day was to run a 1 mile warmup, 800m tempo pace, 800m recovery, 800m tempo pace, 800m recovery and then a 1 mile recovery. I do know that the first mile was a 8:44 pace and that my first interval was at a 7:52 pace…. everything else after that was a wash. I also decided not to do the recovery run at the end  because it was starting to get hot and even though my speed intervals were controlled, I did not want to over heat. Steve said (and he does his research) that it takes two weeks of running in heat to acclimate yourself. No wonder I bonked at Expo!

So my total time was 27:41 which is a 9:14 average pace. This is distorted because I walked on 400 meter lap. Stupid non-robust statistical method…

Anyway, for today… I think that I am going to do an easy 4 miles through downtown. I need to review the route so I know when to hit the split on the watch. I am anxious to see how I fair around market square, I tend to run faster in crowds.

I am contemplating running Fireball 5k on July 3rd.  It will be warm and humid as it's run right by the Tennessee River on Neyland Drive. It's a very popular race and commands around 600 finishers. The course is a gently rolling with hills and parts of the course are run on the roads where I run during my lunchtime runs (I'm just on the greenway, not the road). I am famiiar with the course, but I HATE Neyland Drive for races. Not because of the course, but because it's the flattest area in Knoxville that is easy to get to, has decent parking and can support large amounts of runners… so alot of races are run on the Drive. Fireball is my prefered Neyland Drive race, although I would run the Guns & Hoses 5k which supports the local Police and Fire Departments (this race is run near 9/11) but I prefer to volunteer for that race.

Here's my dilemma. It's on a Monday night at 9:00pm. I would be running at a VO2 Pace (race pace) for the entire 3.1 miles. The following Sunday is the Tellico Sprint Triathlon which Gray and I will be doing as a relay team. I will do the swim/run and he will do the bike. The run is 3 miles. I think that the two races are far enough from each other that it wouldn't be a problem. I'm just not 100% sure that I would be 100% on Sunday.  Also, with Fireball being that close, the speedwork really wouldn't help me for the triathlon run, it's just too close.

And, if I sign up now, I can probably get a pre-race volunteer spot… which I don't think I would go just to volunteer given the time of day, etc… I would need to be running as well.

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