Pot of Melt

On Wednesday evening, we secured babysitting so that we could celebrate our 10th anniversary by eating a romantic dinner cooking our own food at The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant.

Sho’nuf we had a nice romantic little cubby hole right next to a 10 top table celebrating some special occassion. But really, we never even noticed or cared… we were having fondue! It had been about 3 years since we had eaten there as we hadn’t gone since Eric the Elder was born, I don’t think.

Anyway, we already knew what we were going to order… the dinner for two  special that they offer which is all the courses except for dessert, which if you ever go there you MUST get dessert. You can go for JUST dessert, but unless your are on Deserts Anonymous or some other 12 step program for chocolate, you MUST EAT DESSERT.

So, we started off with a big bowl of cheese with the Wisonsin Trio (one we hadn’t had before) which came with bread, and apples. Then for the main course we got the Pacific Rim in the Fondue Mojo (I just liked the sound of it) which can with peppered sirloin, pork, chicken, tiger shrimp and duck, along with a bunch of vegetables. Then, after we we were done with dinner, we moved on to dessert.

We opted for the Chocolate S’mores but with the Dark Chocolate instead of the milk chocolate. It was Dark chocolate with flambeed marshmallow mixed in with some delicious treats to dip in the chocolate. The most interesting one was the marshmallow that was covered with chocolate cookie crumbs! Incredible!

I was going to do a whole photo album, but my little Dimage ran out of battery juice and so I ended up with only a few pictures… And since the lighting was dim, the pictures that I did take were a little blurry, but I am including this picture as a blurry artistic picture of the cooking area, that you the customer gets to use.


Melting Pot

I did take some other pictures while I was waiting but I need to do some post-processing and then put them up on my photoblog at a later date.

But one thing I will try to promise you are some scanned pictures of my wedding 10 years ago…


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