It's not glass… it's PYREX

But it’s not super glass!

And Pyrex can not sustain a 3 foot drop onto asphalt even when enclosed in a semi-padded container. I present to you exhibit 1 and 2 of said physics experience with gravity, vectors and the coherent molecule bond of the glass based product PYREX.


Pyrex Casualty

The ‘Goo’ that is in there was my Rice with BBQ and cream style corn. I will now have to succumb to a Lean pocket and burrito. And that was good barbeque too…

Back on the 16th, I ranted about a national outrage when I spoke about pomade. Another  phrase that I use when I dislike I product and am going to write the company, I say that I would rather “Eat shards of glass” than your product… But here… I will let the trash can eat the shards…


Pyrex… broken


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