Daily Update

The weather was perfect today. It wasn’t too breezy, nor too hot, just plain comfortable and easy to run. I decided that I would try to get a good 3.5 mile campus run, so that I would have a known easy run for those days when distance and or speed was not an issue. Well, I got sidetracked and I only went 3.2 miles, from what I could gather on the Google map. I ran into some construction and had to reroute myself… so I probably went a little more than 3.2 but that’s fine, I can live with that. I was  atad bit sore from yesterday’s tempo run, but I ran pretty easy today and can probably run some intervals tomorrow.

I am going to be in a wedding this weekend of one my best friends from college. I have mentioned him a couple of times here, it’s Gray (Like the Color) and the wedding will be in Richmond Virginia. I’ll be just a week ahead of M~ and her trip to the east coast. We’ll be leaving Thursday early afternoon ad getting into Richmond Thursday night. Pete and Janet will be doing grandparently duties and I am sure that they’ll be exhausted from their time spent with the kids. I’ll have to try to get pictures of me and Gray in our tuxes since the last picture we have is in our racing gear for the 2005 Trideltathon!


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