Monday Afternoon

Wow, the afternoon has been flying away. It’s not too much longer and it’s time for me to go home! Woo Hoo. I guess that I had a different agenda today. I did do legit (too legit too quit) work today, but that was in the morning. And it had to do with Texas, home of the greekiest chick in the world. Who right now is mourning the release of Theo into the big bad world. I sense a kid’s story that will be turned into a movie by Pixar and Marianna will be rich… but I have never had that good of a sixth sense.

As for today, I ran at lunch. I sure wish I had a watch, because today I felt like I was giving a good run. It was definitely a good tempo pace, but not a difficult as a 5k race. I did my 4 mile Market Square Loop and it was a perfect day to run as well! Upper 60s with an overcast sky, you can’t ask for better running weather… okay maybe you can but not in June (even though it’s still Spring). WHile running I ran into Ryan’s godmother. She works at TVA and Markey Square is overlooked by the TVA towers. Chatted with her for a few minutes, gave her the quick update on Ryan, gave a sweaty hug and then went back to running. Finished strong and wonder if I will be sore tomorrow. Since this is going to be a short week for me (wedding in Va) I am going to run all 3 days instead of swim. Although, hmmm… if I layout on Tuesday, I should be nice and golden by Saturday… not that’s a thought.

okay, On the way back from the aquatic center, I got the notion to take pictures… of me! Well, I thought that I would take some “action” shots to add to my LJ pics… I didn’t really like the ones I saw… I was all sweaty and stuff. I did pick on and tried some photoshop tricks to (try) get the retouch, flawless look. I don’t have Photoshop CS2, but just the regular flavor, so this was my first attempt at doing major picture renovation…







It probably would have been easier to have had proper foundation, you can see the redness in my cheeks and I am sure that it didn’t help. Well, it’s a start… if anyone has a picture that I can practice my retouching, send me the link or email to me… I have retouched The Artful Laura a couple of times… here and here and she seemed a pretty satisfied customer (I actually stole them then changed them and begged forgiveness rather than ask permission 🙂 )


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