May Running Recap

05/27 Expo 10k Knoxville, TN 55:21

55.9  Miles in 15 different sessions. 14 of the sessions were run from the Aquatic center with all but 1 being run at lunch time. 1 was with Expo 10k race which was also the single longest run.

2006 Total Mileage:
291.4 miles for the year. This was the highest monthly total for the month of May and also makes the YTD mileage over 75 miles higher than the next highest Jan-May total which was ran last year.  At this point, I am projected to finish with more miles for the year than the current high in 2002 of 564 miles and have the potential of breaking 600 miles for the year.

Upcoming Races:
07/03 Fireball Classic 5k (Knoxville, TN) Goal: ??
07/09 Tellico Sprint Triathlon Goal: ??
(indicates potential Personal Record for distance)


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