The HEAT is on

and the shirts are off.

After getting back to my desk, I found out that the temperature was only around 87 degrees, not 90 like I am quoted in my Voicepost. Sorry.

I ran my 4 mile route into downtown and Market Square, nothing exciting to note really. The UT campus was quiet since school is out. People were sitting out on Market Square at some of the restaurant tables. I am not sure of my time since I (still) don't have a reliable watch.

I had to fight off sleeping at my desk because I ate half a bag of gummy worms and then proceeded to have a major sugar crash… UGH.

I received a part of the insurance money from my Dad yesterday. I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do with it. I am using to pay for my share of the funeral expenses and the other expenses incurred during our travels. Honestly, I never thought I was going to get anything, like, it never even crossed my mind. I am going to set aside some money so that I can donate money each year to the MS society, but should I donate $58 on the anniversary of his death or should I be goofier and donate what age he would have been that year on his birthday (June 7th?)

I guess I have procrastinated from the Gaver Paper long enough…*sigh*


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