Monday, errr Tuesday

That’s right, today is Tuesday. I hope that everyone had a good memorial day. Although there was no grilling at my poul we bought one of those small cheap plastic pools and the kids splashed around… I think we are going to get Eric the larger one soon.

Anyway, while I was running today I was thinking about some more about Expo and some of the things that I didn’t mention.

Thursday, I bought about 4 watch batteries because I could not remember what model my watch took. Then on Friday night, I put back together my old Triax watch and voila! I had a working watch… and so for 3 days I had a working watch. It’s fate was unforeseen. On Sunday, I saw some condensation on the inside of the watch, probably from sweating and playing with the aforementioned pool. I took the watch apart, and tried to fix the plastic seal that I thought was the culprit. In the mean time, I was able to fix the glo-light of the watch because it had been gone a long time ago. So, for 24 hours, I had a watch that the only thing wrong with it was it would not make sound. Then yesterday when I was in the pool with the kids, I realized that the LCD was doing some very funky stuff… all the digits were blinking rapidly and the condensation was building in the watch and thought… oh well, the $2.78 +tax fix was worth it for Expo. If it dies, it dies, it served me well. At dinner, I noticed that the condensation was still there but the LCD was not blinking rapidly, in fact, things looked A-OK. Later that night, the screen was blank. I’ll try a few resuscitation tricks tonight, but won’t spend too much time on it.

I was thinking that after Expo, my legs never were any pain. That leads me to conclude that my performance maxed out my cardiovascular system before it caused any pain in my legs. Perhaps I was running too fast at the beginning. I didn’t have my heartrate monitor on, so there is no way of knowing what my ticker was doing. So I was becoming exhausted from the conditions faster than my running. I know that I was hydrated enough because I was having the urge to use the bathroom for a while during the race. And today’s run, which was much hotter than Expo… 90 degrees compared to (well, I can’t find it and the site only goes back to 5/17 right now) around 70ish degrees… wasn’t quite as humid and muggy as Saturday morning. So let the runner beware of the conditions.

Tuesday’s run
Today, I went out on a known course, to Volunteer Landing and back which ended up being right 3.42 miles. I had wanted to try to make it a 3.5 outing, but wasn’t quite sure of the turn around and once I mapped it out, I realized that I was just short of my goal. I think my total running time today was around 33:00 minutes. And with it being so hot, I was forced to run at a slower pace, and I had enough energy to run up Lake Loudon without a problem… I think tomorrow and Thursday are going to be running days and Friday I will have a lunch meeting on the Gaver Paper that I am working on completing.

I am also contemplating running Fireball, which is a 5k race that is held on July 3rd at 10:00pm. I could take the no-shirt, KTC, pre-registered route and it’d be $7 bucks, plus, if I volunteered, I could run a race free. It’s run on Neyland drive, which at night makes it a little more interesting than during the day. It’s generally a larger race (about 600 people), so with it being at night, I could do it. It’s been since December since I ran a 5k and that was very labored at the end.



This is a digital camera. This is the digital camera that Eric broke. He actually busted the frame enough that it jammed a number of button. Luckily enough, I was able to bend the frame back to where it could work. Our camera is back in business. I am just happy that Eric loves to take pictures… I just need to get him a less valuable camera to use!


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