History of Expo According to Terry

I’ll wrap up my little Expo series with race history and my prediction…

Here is what I have done in the Expo’s in the past:

Date Race Distance Minutes Seconds Avg Pace Overall Place Age Group Place
05.23.1998 5k 24: 28 7:50 103/559 15/35
05.26.2001 10k 51: 11 8:11 344/746 23/34
05.24.2003 10k 52: 01 8:19 305/657 33/50
05.29.2004 10k 51: 53 8:18 241/600 27/38
05.28.2005 10k 50: 02 8:01 194/524 20/30

This is the PreRace Blog about the 2005 Expo
This is the Race Report for the 2005 Expo
This is the Picture Gallery for the 2005 Expo

This is the short Race Report for the 2004 Expo

This is the short Race Report for the 2003 Expo

Expo 2006

Expo 2006

Here is the race logo and my bib number for this year’s race. I usually go for the no-shirt option at the KTC races since it is worth $5, but Expo usually has good designs and once again they did a good job. So if you are in Knoxville on Saturday morning and see a bunch a runners, yell GO 161 GO!!!

Hmmm… my predictions for this year’s race… that’s a tough one. Given with the extra speedwork this year, I am fairly confident that I can run a 49:15-49:45. So, I will predict a 49:28 as my finishing line. If you’d like to play guess my time… closest person gets a restraining order or a piece of mail art. All you have to do is reply with a time before the time stamp on my voicepost tomorrow morning when I tell you my time… it’s like the marathon time guessing game, just alot more relaxed…


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