Ants in the Pants

I am having some normal pre-race antsy feelings. Since I am taking this race “seriously”, it's like the few days before a marathon. I am wondering if I have enough (speed) training for this distance (6.2 miles). Am I familiar with this course (pretty much) that I will be able to sufficiently monitor my progress during the race so that I can give it all I got on the (steep) uphill finish. Will I be able to meet my goal (sub 50 minutes) or come close given that nothing out of my control happens.

I am also starting a hydration regiment of water and Performance sports drink from Shaklee that Pam of Pam & Bill sent me before the marathon. Since I have familiarity with sports drinks such as Ultima, Powerade and Gatorade… I am hoping that this trial will be a good experience. I think this will be because of the heightened effort of running this race compared to say a marathon or a distance training run. I only wish that I could have it out on the course to test it “in race” conditions.

Also tonight we are having Tuna Cassarole for a carbo-load style dinner. I am off to go get my race number and shirt… more later.


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