Thursday Rest

I am trying this Deepest Sender plugin again, to see if I like it. The nice thing is that in the website mode, I type the entries in code… here, some of the coding is automatic and I can make changes on the fly easier such as the word RAINBOW, I was able to change the color in a short period of time. Nice, but I do have other prewritten code that will I would still need to use, but that's okay, I guess. okay, the URL link doesn't put in the new window feature that I like to use…hmmmm

Today is a rest day in prep for Expo on Saturday. I finished my race shirt. Tonight, I will print it out and iron on the shirt. If I can get it don't sufficiently, I will post a picture or two of the design, etc. I do need to get my race bag together and make sure that i have everything for the race. Not only am I running the race on Saturday, but I am also volunteering at the race. I will be helping with registering runners for the race. I have never done this, so it will be nice to try it out.

Pam played the 4 question meme that I had posted a few days ago. I replied to her question and will post that tomorrow as a morning entry. I am currently trying to do about 5 different things before I leave work at 5pm today.

I'll comment on American Idol and the finale last night. I really thought that Katharine McPhee would win, but as Jen said Taylor Hicks has been much more consistent over the course of the competition. Although he has a fairly unique style and makes each song 'his own', he has produced each week. What was up with the guest artists? Meatloaf was kinda cool… but the singing sucked. Prince was awesome to see (the song Daddy Pop off the Diamonds and Pearl CD is one of my top 10 favorite songs) and glad that he has not changed his style for commercial appeal. I finally found out that it was Clay Aiken who startled that Golden (read=”I suck”) Idol award winner… who knew? What the hell was Toni Braxton on? The only thing that I could understand was “Yeah” and had they not been on stage in front of millions of people, I think she would have taken Taylor right there… that wouldn't be a bad thing… maybe she thought he was her age. The Puck and Pickler vignette was entertaining and would be worth watching again. I think the best performance was the Guy motage with Taylor playing the harmonica… that was cool.


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