I had about a number of points to make in my almost weekly Voicepost Wednesday, but again, the number that I have for LJ Voiceposting did not work. So, the first thing that I did when I got back to the office is purge my LiveJournal listing of the bad number (See this post about a failed attempt at the TMBG concert) and added a number of different numbers throughout the US. This way, hopefully one of the numbers will work. *UGH*

Race Week Update
As the days countdown until Expo 10k, today is the weather day. And let’s go to the weather channel to see what the weather the prediction for Saturday.
Hmmm Better than last year for the most part. Since the race is in the morning, the weather should still be pretty decent during the race.

Wednesday’s run
Today is the last scheduled day to run before the race. And to be honest, if it wasn’t it would be after today’s run. The run, which I still have to map the distance, covered part of he Expo 10k course. This year, they had to certify a new course because of construction that cut off the middle 3 miles of the course. This year, there is a middle double loop and instead of finishing on a slight incline, the finish is now at the top of the hill. To give you a perspective, here is one of the pictures that I took at last year’s Expo race. This was taken about 3/4 of the way to the top where this year’s finish is expected to be. I can only imagine that those that don’t know about this are going to bitch about it. I like hills, and so today my run was to refresh myself of the magnitude of the hill where the START/FINISH will be taken place.

I was very happy about today’s run because of the speed at which I ran. Today’s pace was nothing close to a Tempo pace, it was much slower. However, there were a number of physical ailments that plagued me during the run, that made me a little nervous. The first of which was a slight pain in my side. This is most likely from the speedwork that I did on Monday, I am probably not completely healed from that outing, plus I was hungry when I started to run. That leads into the more serious ailment of the run… my left calf muscle. As I was running, a localized pain in my right calf decided to show up about halfway in my run. It was soft enough that I could run through the pain, but was still a little unsettling. This too, I am assuming is from Monday’s workout. Remember that I was pretty spent after the 2nd-3rd lap… and so keeping up the vigorous exercise, it depleted my stores of energy. So, the remedy for this is extra hydration, which is the race week protocol anyway. This time, I am going to be trying a SPorts Drink that Pam sent me to try. Since I am not technically in training for anything specific, this would be a good time to see how it fairs against the mainstream sports drinks as Gatorade and (my fave) Powerade. More on that in the near future.

okay… must leave now, but today’s run 4.9 miles at an estimated 9:00 min pace.


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