Thursday's Run

Today I was supposed to run with Marty, but it turned out that he had to go to Gatlingburg to help with a brew since the brewmater he is trianing up there couldn’t be there. So, I was left running by myself today. Which it wasn’t all that bad because I knew that I needed to do a recovery run from yesterday’s track workout, plus I wanted to add an extra .14 miles to my Market Square run so that it would be an even 4.0 miles.

I ended up running a route that made an extended loop in downtown and add an extra 0.23 miles to the run. This makes the run 4.1 miles and I can live with that distance. So, I will make the Market Square run a 4.1 course, thus giving me a mid distance course that is NOT by the greenway. Also, judging by the clock in the Aquatic Center, at most I ran the 4.1 miles in 35 minutes, which would make the pace a 8:33 average, but I probably ran it closer to 34 minutes which would make it a 8:18 pace. I was starting to feel some crapping [ed- cramping :-O] close to the end, but that is probably due to the fact that I ran hard yesterday and am not back up to par.

I would venture that my actual race pace for Expo would be less than 8:04 which is the pace I would need to keep to hit right at 50 minutes.

Michael, a motorcycle enthusiast at A Boy And His Bike yesterday posted a picture of his ride. His motorcycle has a sweet shark’s mouth inspired by the P-40s of the
Flying Tigers in WWII. Today, I just happened to find a not-so-sweet ride, inspired by the same
Flying Tigers. I debated whether to take the picture, but I decided that I would…

Van Artwork

Van Artwork


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