Life continues

1472, remembered what happened in that year? Yeah, I don't either!

1472 is actually the mileage that we put on our van last weekend on our trip to Iowa. My mom put about the same amount of mileage on her car that Thursday/Friday. So, the gas company received quite a bit of cashola from us during our travel.

Very little happened during the trip, thank goodness. Actually, on Thursday the 19th on the initial trip to Iowa, the sunset in the state of Illinois was absolutely beautiful. I really wish that we could have stopped to capture some sunset pictures, but our longest stop in Champaign (at Panera for dinner) was the most we could afford. Luckily, I would have more time to take other pictures of other subjects at another time.

I am going to blog more about my trip in a next few days, I don't want to forget anything and I think it will take more time than I have at work to type it out. I will actually catch up with what has been going on since I have been home.

I had a second funeral today, at the Sprint store as my Sanyo SCP-200 could not be revived. My new phone is another Sanyo SCP-200 and is silver, replacing it's blue counterpart. I only have 70 contacts to enter into the new phone as the technicians could not retrieve my peeps and their numbers. Thank goodness the compu-nerd in me has most of them around here somewhere. I need to hire a 15 year old to enter them into for me, they can probably do that in about 5 minutes… right.

I have not run since Monday, April 17th and have not exercised since Tuesday the 18th when I rode the stationary bike in preparation for the Trideltathon (which I did not do). I have been sitting around quite a bit and yearned to run on the river walk in Illinois and Iowa that parallel the Mighty Mississippi on both sides. I will go back in the next few years and run the Quad City Marathon! Tomorrow should be a good day to run and although the weekend has a good race, my step-dad (great… another father to bury one day – joke only humor) is here in Knoxville on business and has extended his stay to see us (and when I say us, you can erase that and put grandkids!).

I would like to thank everyone who gave a kind word and prayer for meand my family. Although I am on the road to healing of the loss (today was the first time I didn't get choked up recounting the funeral) but other family members still need lots of thoughts and prayers.

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