The diagnosis was what was to be expected. Basically, the aeorta valve is not functioning and thus the lack of blood to the rest of body isn't helping. He has breathing problems as well as problems with being lucid. The doctor said that he's a ticking timebomb – he could go today or tomorrow or a month from now. The doctor's statistics are 90% in a year, 50% in 30 days. Surgery is an option but there are many obstacles if going that route.

So, the plan is to travel to the Quad Cities today, either car or plane and stay until Thursday or Friday to see him, basically at his best. Jen is going to stay home with the kids, since there is no need to bring them on a whirlwind excursion only to remember their Grandpa Bob in this condition. If my mom can go, we will drive… if she can't go, then I am getting a plane ticket and will be leaving this afternoon.

tick… tick… tick…

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