Absence of voicepost today

Change of plans for me today. Since I figured that sleeping in my house is a good thing, I decided that I would reprioritize my lunch schedule and have lunch with my girl. We met up at Ruby Tuesday at the mall, since we could shop for LoveSac covers but low and behold the store is gone. Oh well.

Jen had brought the kids and Eric did very well playing with his cars and the almost edible crayons that Ruby’s give out. Ryan was a crazy man trying to grab anything and everything he could get his little hands on to in his field of reach.

So, swimming is tomorrow at lunch. My soreness is just about gone since I can walk down stairs without having to hold onto the railing. I might even try to run on Friday. This will give me a few days to really think out next month’s training schedule as I prepare for the Trideltathon on April 23rd.

I need more Creme Eggs!

Calories Consumed 8170 060217pbegg 060216egg 060210egg
Number Purchased 38 2 3
Number Consumed 38 2 3
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

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