And then he rested…

I still look funny when I walk down stairs. But, walking in general is not quite as bad as Monday. Today is the second day of rest and I think tomorrow I will be healed enough to get into the pool for a little workout. I took today's normal workout day and went to [Blank] and bought a birthday present for my girl, since her birthday is tomorrow and if I'd like to stay under my roof, I better have something for tomorrow! I can't give out any details even though I know she doesn't read this blog, but you never know and I don't want to spoil anything.

I am most appreciative of all the well wishes before the marathon and all the congratulatory posts after the marathon. Greekchickie asked if I was happy or sad that it was over and that's is tough question. In the podcast, Phedippidations: The Mystique of the Marathon, I am almost quoted as saying “It's what the marathon does to up leading to the point where we cross the finishline, we had been training for 12 weeks to 6 months on a goal and now it's over, we can go back to being normal”. Thank goodness that I have a race coming up at the end of April that will take the place of my marathon training. I think that will ease me back into non-marathon training mode.

But the question is out there… what marathon is next?


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