I took today off since Jen is in Duluth for Career Conference and I wasn’t able to get babysitting for the entire day. I did get some for here and there and so, I have been shifting gears all day long. It didn’t help that I went to bed at 12:30am last night and got up at 5:45am this morning… I usually get 45 minutes more sleep on a regular day. I made the normal Friday morning routine… pancakes for Eric, the plop him to the Almighty Babysitter for Higleytown Heros, Doodlebops and Little Einsteins on PLayhouse Disney. Although, he didn’t make it all the way through Doodlebops before the first babysitter came over. I ended up getting ready and then took off to the bank to complete some errands. After that I can home to relieve the babysitter and wait for the next one. The boys were playing until 11am when I put Eric down for a nap and then myself very tired, put on Little Einsteins and took my own nap.

Grandma came over and ordered a pizza Spinach Alfredo (It’s Lent) for lunch. With the nap and the food, I was quite a bit refreshed. I then took off to run some errands around town:
CompUSA – New Wireless Router since ours here died a horrible death over the weekend.
Best Buy – Picked up Black Hawk Down so that I owned it on DVD
Wal-mart – among other things, new filters for the house… and well some Rolling Rock.

So, now I am Eric free for a while and can get back to things like blogging and entering the codes I have been collecting for MyCokeRewards, Coke’s new incentive game on their 20oz bottles. I have like 36 points or something in that neighborhood…

I have a new very quick guessing game:
What is this?

The film not advancing in my Canon AV-1 for 2 months and 24 pictures – GRRRRRRRRRRRR


Calories Consumed 7830 060217pbegg 060216egg 060210egg
Number Purchased 38 2 3
Number Consumed 36 2 3
Cals per serv 170 egg 570 box 190 egg

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